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Peru has seen relatively stable economic growth and significantly reduced the number of people living in poverty. Still, there have been multiple cases of corruption, but the government of President Martín Vizcarra Cornejo, who took office in 2018, has focused efforts on combatting this and stabilising the political climate. Nevertheless, challenges to ensuring sustainable development remain.

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Aprovechando el impulso del sector de energías renovables del Perú, una empresa energética local ha emitido el primer Bono Verde internacional no garantizado del país.

To what extent does infrastructure have an impact on Peru’s logistics and distribution chains?

Perú intensifica sus esfuerzos para controlar la corrupción y mejorar la transparencia en los procesos gubernamentales, luego de una serie de escándalos recientes en las más altas instituciones del Estado; sin embargo, ciertos obstáculos políticos podrían frenar el ritmo de la reforma.


More and more commercial transactions are moving online and the so-called digital economy continues to expand its reach into every facet of the traditional analogue economy. For businesses, this means they have access to new channels to reach existing clients as well as new opportunities to expand market share with a competitive digital...


How would you characterise the main challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry in Peru?


The development of infrastructure is vital to Peru’s goal of increasing the percentage of the population connected to the internet. Consultancy and research firm Analysys Mason estimates that Peru requires $35bn of investment in digital infrastructure by 2025 for the country’s internet connectivity level to match that averaged by OECD nations...