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A diplomatic approach towards regional issues has strengthened Malaysia’s efforts to boost trade and investment ties with China, setting the scene for the two countries to roll out an ambitious programme of increased financial cooperation.
Efforts to position Malaysia as a regional centre for energy efficient vehicle (EEV) production took a key step forward in January, with news that the government intends to hand out its first green car manufacturing licence in the coming weeks.
The halal industry in Malaysia is fast becoming a magnet for international investment, as major players move to acquire a share of a growing global market.
Automotive sales in Malaysia slipped down a gear in the second quarter, with both April and May showing a deceleration in the figures, though experts believe activity in the industry will pick up in the latter half of the year after the government unveils a new policy aimed at reducing vehicle price tags.

Fuelled by steady economic growth, and the consequent liberal capital expenditure policies of both the public and private sectors, steel manufacturing – along with the construction materials industry as a whole – is maintaining a steady upward trajectory. Since 2008 the annual growth of Malaysia’s construction sector has averaged 4.7%, while...

How are new trade agreements expected to affect expansionary possibilities for Malaysia?