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Chapter | Telecoms & IT from The Report: Malaysia 2012

From a regional perspective, Malaysia’s communications industry is at an intermediate level of development: significantly ahead of most ASEAN countries, but trailing “Asian tigers” like Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. New developments in telecoms may be changing this, with wireless operators rolling out 4G networks and Telekom Malaysia deploying a fibre-to-the-home network in core areas....
The government is moving forward with one of its flagship projects, an initiative that aims to make the information and communications technology (ICT) sector – already a major contributor to the Malaysian economy – one of its largest components. However, if the state is to achieve its goals there are several issues to be addressed.
With data use growing strongly and existing capacity under pressure, Malaysia’s broadband network is undergoing necessary expansion to keep up with demand. Indeed, as penetration growth slows, improving speeds and service quality have become a priority.
News that a Malaysian IT start-up company was bought by a large US outfit is a landmark acquisition that represents a significant step forward for entrepreneurism in the country.
The Malaysian government is calling on the private sector to speed up the roll out of new information and communication technology (ICT) services, a move that will support the state’s long-term strategy of promoting a knowledge-based economy.
A recent report on information and communications technology (ICT) has shown that regional rivals are advancing at a faster rate than Malaysia, and that more needs to be done to achieve public targets set by the government. However, officials remain confident that the lost ground will soon be made up.