With the sixth-largest proven oil reserves in the world, and an industry that dates back to the early days of oil and gas dominance in energy, Kuwait is among the world’s principal hydrocarbons powers. Yet, given the lower oil prices seen in global markets in recent years, initiatives outlined in the New Kuwait 2035 development plan come at a critical time in terms of enhancing the state’s competitiveness as a destination for foreign direct investment.

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What are the primary forces driving demand for ICT solutions in the Kuwaiti private sector?

In what ways is KAFCO deploying its capital investments to keep pace with the growth of the Kuwaiti aviation industry?

Kuwait is stepping up efforts to strengthen its cybersecurity credentials, amid ongoing threats to its digital services.

Articles & Analysis | Kuwait in brief: from The Report: Kuwait 2019

Various developments point to healthy economic performance in the near term for Kuwait. Chief among them are the upgrade of the country’s stock exchange, which has been approved for inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index; the rollout of projects such as the Silk City development; major upgrades to the oil and gas downstream segment; and...

Articles & Analysis | A rally year: from The Report: Kuwait 2019

Kuwait in brief Position of strength: Efforts to diversify and shift to a knowledge-based economy encourage infrastructure development and investment Viewpoint: Emir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah Looking east: Enhanced cooperation and investment across a range of sectors is strengthening ties between China and the GCC A rally year: Plans...


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