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Thoughts and Insights on the Yellow slice of the pie

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Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog
Thoughts and Insights on the Yellow slice of the pie
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What do Mexico’s CEOs believe will shape the next 12 months?
Roundtable on critical issues for the Peruvian mining sector in 2019
Podcast: What does Africa’s business community think of the AfCFTA?
Roundtable on how to address infrastructure gaps in emerging Asia
How do CEOs in Côte d’Ivoire perceive moves to boost regional cooperation?
Colombia’s efforts to harness the prospects of its emerging Orange Economy
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Oliver Cornock
29 May 2019

On Wednesday's (29/05/2019) BBC News Briefing, Oxford Business Group's Editor-In-Chief, Oliver Cornock, shares his thoughts on the news making the headlines around the world.


Oliver Cornock
27 May 2019
Global Perspective

Global food demand is expected to increase by anywhere between 59% to 98% by 2050. However, global freshwater resources are already overstretched due to climate change and soaring population growth, and it is unclear how agricultural production will keep pace with these challenges. In recent years climate-induced water shortages in urban areas have brought water scarcity to the forefront of public debate, as major cities such as São Paulo, Cape Town, Barcelona have found themselves on the brink of major water crises.

Harry van Schaick
20 May 2019

The mining sector is emerging from what has been arguably its most challenging period in the 21st century. The commodity supercycle boom at the start of the century generated high expectations for the mining sector as emerging markets grew rapidly, led by the BRICs. With the price of most base metals peaking in 2012, the subsequent downturn cast shadows over the sector worldwide and disproportionally affected commodity-producing countries, many of them in South America.