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Thoughts and Insights on the Yellow slice of the pie

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Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog
Thoughts and Insights on the Yellow slice of the pie
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How do CEOs in Saudi Arabia view local conditions during times of global economic uncertainty?
How well founded is the positive outlook of Algerian CEOs?
How close is Africa to meeting its sustainable economic growth objectives?
Peru towards sustainable development
Can the creative industries of ASEAN make waves?
Exerting Resilience: Peru Rebounds from Challenges to Post Positive Growth
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Harry van Schaick
20 May 2019

The mining sector is emerging from what has been arguably its most challenging period in the 21st century. The commodity supercycle boom at the start of the century generated high expectations for the mining sector as emerging markets grew rapidly, led by the BRICs. With the price of most base metals peaking in 2012, the subsequent downturn cast shadows over the sector worldwide and disproportionally affected commodity-producing countries, many of them in South America. 

Souhir Mzali
17 May 2019
OBG Business Barometer

With the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) closer than ever to becoming a reality, the results of Oxford Business Group’s Business Barometer in Africa have shown that the continent’s business community is upbeat about the deal, with the largest majority of the survey respondents saying it will have a positive or very positive impact on intra-regional levels.

Patrick Cooke
9 May 2019

Completing the full infrastructure development cycle from investment to exit is a fundamentally innovative task, requiring agile thinking and principled decision-making to develop sustainable new assets.


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