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Thoughts and Insights on the Yellow slice of the pie

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Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog
Thoughts and Insights on the Yellow slice of the pie
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What do Mexico’s CEOs believe will shape the next 12 months?
Roundtable on critical issues for the Peruvian mining sector in 2019
Podcast: What does Africa’s business community think of the AfCFTA?
Roundtable on how to address infrastructure gaps in emerging Asia
How do CEOs in Côte d’Ivoire perceive moves to boost regional cooperation?
Colombia’s efforts to harness the prospects of its emerging Orange Economy
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19 July 2019

On Thursday's (27/06/2019) BBC News Briefing, Oliver Cornock, Oxford Business Group's Editor-In-Chief, provides insights on global news headlines.


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9 July 2019
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Patrick Cooke
3 July 2019
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Myanmar’s ongoing transition from authoritarianism to democracy will reach its next milestone in 2020, when general elections will be held in union, state and regional legislatures. The polls will take place almost 10 years after the country began the gradual process of opening its economy to the world and granting democratic freedoms to a population that had lived under military rule for some five decades. After three years of a civilian-led government CEOs of local and international firms are generally positive about the shortterm prospects for growth and expansion, with 69% expressing a favourable opinion of business conditions.