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    OBG examines all aspects of local transport infrastructure, including sea, air and land. Our analysis within the transport sector reviews the major projects under way and planned, such as airport expansions, port plans, public transit systems, road construction and rail networks.
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What major ground transport upgrades are current priorities for government spending?


Thailand’s rise to the forefront of economic development in South-east Asia over the past three decades was first fuelled by its agricultural prowess, which was then followed by its transition into a regional manufacturing powerhouse, before the more recent push to evolve into a knowledge-and service-based economy. Although numerous factors...

In spite of the recent slowdown of economic growth in South-east Asia that followed more than a decade of rapid expansion, the region continues to exhibit vast, untapped growth potential – both in terms of demand, with an increasingly affluent consumer base, and in terms of supply, with an increasingly diverse array of goods and services. Situated...


What are the market trends on strategic alliances?


Kuwait is investing in a significant pipeline of major infrastructure projects and transportation programmes connected to the Kuwait Development Plan 2015-20.


Driven by measured government-backed investments, despite the downward pressure from oil prices, the Kuwait transportation sector continued to grow in 2016-17. Improving connectivity regionally and globally – via air, land and sea links – is viewed as a state priority and a promising mechanism to drive non-oil economic growth.