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    In collaboration with a leading local accountancy firm, OBG provides an overview of the tax system, including information on corporate, sales and income taxes. Other topics include repatriation of profits, capital movements, investment incentives, Customs duties and free zones.
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A proposal to offer limited amnesty to delinquent taxpayers alongside stronger future enforcement measures could boost tax compliance in the Philippines, bringing fresh revenues to the state and certainty to investors. 


In recent years, Vietnam has developed into one of the most popular investment destinations in South-east Asia. In line with the international economic integration of Vietnam and in order to encourage domestic investment and make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business in Vietnam, the government has pushed for economic reforms and...


How does the tax regime apply to foreign firms that operate in Vietnam without a legal presence?


Solid economic growth, low-cost manufacturing, a large consumer base and continued positive legislative reform, have combined to make Vietnam an increasingly attractive investment destination for multinational organisations. Strong foreign investment and rising international trade has resulted in the tax authorities focusing more on cross-...

Chapter | Tax from The Report: Vietnam 2017

This chapter offers a breakdown of current regulations and guidelines, and covers the double-taxation agreement with the US and the new decree on transfer pricing released in February 2017.

It also contains an interview with Dinh Thi Quynh Van, General Director, PwC Vietnam.

After years of strong economic growth and surging foreign direct investment, Vietnam today is emerging as a key middle-income country in the South-east Asian political and economic sphere. A nation of ancient traditions with a youthful and energetic population, Vietnam is also moving through a period of additional economic reforms, while continuing to leverage its strategic location and strong international relations to further boost its rapidly growing overseas trade activity.