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    Western-style shopping malls are increasingly popular in emerging markets. OBG’s retail sector analysis looks at local demand, shopping habits, opportunities for development in smaller cities, consumer spending power and brand awareness.
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Developers are capitalising on Sharjah’s appeal as a retail destination, driving a strong flow of new developments and expansions in retail real estate.


What are some challenges to the growth of the agro-chemical industry in Colombia, and which areas should be targeted for development?


Industrial growth has given Colombia a strong internal mechanism for development and an effective way to supply internal demand.


Growth of the economy has translated into an expansion of disposable income for some segments of the Colombian population. Consequently, the retail sector has been developing at an unprecedented speed. This has led to an expansion of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) segment and a vast increase in modern retail space across the country....

Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Colombia 2017

Industry is set to remain an important part of Colombia’s economy, not only for its capacity to create employment, but also for its significant impact on regional development. However, manufacturers face a challenging domestic environment due to fiscal reforms, which are likely to reduce consumer expenditure in 2017. Still, the devaluation of the peso has made the country’s exports more...


As the world’s third-largest producer of copper and zinc and with the sixth-largest gold reserves, for a country with a population of just 30m people, Peru has historically commanded a large presence in the global commodities market. This was especially true over the 10 years spanning 2002-12, when prices increased substantially during the...