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    OBG’s real estate market analysis includes detailed information about supply and demand in the residential, commercial and retail segments. We cover major development projects by local and international investors and examine changes in the regulatory framework and bank lending practices.
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Articles & Analysis | Meeting demand: New projects are attempting to bridge the housing supply gap from The Report: Myanmar 2015

Major demand for real estate is being driven by Myanmar’s significant economic growth, and market participants are looking forward to the arrival of new foreign investors. Thanks to the current government’s economic and political reforms since 2011, Myanmar is seeing broad growth in sectors such as oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing...

Articles & Analysis | Rapid expansion: Developers are rushing to build infrastructure, offices and housing from The Report: Myanmar 2015

Evidence of the construction boom in Myanmar is visible throughout the country and especially in Yangon. The old capital has been awakened and is on an express track to becoming a modern city, with the number of public works and concrete buildings rapidly rising in the last four years. This trend is set to continue, as the economy is on track to...

Articles & Analysis | Setting the boundaries: New legislation will improve the foreign investment climate for real estate from The Report: Myanmar 2015

A much-anticipated reform in the real estate sector for 2014 was the introduction of the draft Condominium Law, but a series of disagreements among lawmakers has delayed its introduction to an unspecified date. The draft law is now expected to be re-submitted to the parliament in January 2015. The law, if approved as proposed, will allow...

Interviews & Viewpoints | OBG talks to Stephen Suen, Chairman, Marga Group from The Report: Myanmar 2015

How does Myanmar’s property development segment compare with other ASEAN members? What makes it a worthwhile investment destination?

Interviews & Viewpoints | OBG talks to Dr Khin Shwe, Chairman, Zaykabar from The Report: Myanmar 2015

What steps can be taken to ensure that the quality of construction meets international standards?

Articles & Analysis | Building surge continues: Producers of construction materials are expanding to help meet demand from The Report: Myanmar 2015

Growing demand for residential units, the urbanisation of major cities and a national drive to bridge infrastructure shortfalls, should help Myanmar’s construction sector maintain its recent track record of strong growth over the coming years.