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    OBG’s real estate market analysis includes detailed information about supply and demand in the residential, commercial and retail segments. We cover major development projects by local and international investors and examine changes in the regulatory framework and bank lending practices.
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Articles & Analysis | A home of their own: Facilitating home ownership for lower-income segments from The Report: Oman 2015

According to the National Centre for Statistics and Information, the average Omani household income increased from $1660 a month in 2000 to $3050 a month in 2011. While a significant number of higher-income citizens have helped sustain the growth in the luxury real estate market, there remain gaps in housing for lower income groups. The...

Interviews & Viewpoints | Building a future: OBG talks to Hawazen Esber, CEO, The Wave Muscat from The Report: Oman 2015

How has the integrated tourism complex (ITC) model facilitated real estate sector growth?

Articles & Analysis | Wider selection: Increasing affordable and high-end offerings from The Report: Oman 2015

The last years have marked a period of revival and recovery for Oman’s real estate sector following the global financial crisis. The country is now poised to consolidate progress and anchor economic growth. Real estate values have been rising across the board, while the number of transactions in the rental markets surged in 2013-14. Regional and...

Chapter | Real Estate from The Report: Oman 2015

Oman’s real estate market has shown resilience following the global financial turmoil and is poised for future expansion as economic growth in the sultanate drives local demand. In 2013 the sector grew 6.1% over 2012 and forecasts indicate this trend will continue. Increasing numbers of integrated tourism complexes are attracting foreign investment into the sector, particularly the high-end...

Report | The Report: Oman 2015

Although the sultanate’s petroleum wealth has traditionally provided a backbone for growth, efforts are well under way to diversify away from hydrocarbons. Oman Vision 2020 has laid out plans to boost industrialisation within the sultanate and to encourage the private sector to take a more active role in the economy and in the provision of jobs, both of which are billed as key drivers for growth.

Articles & Analysis | The building engine: Boost from infrastructure is revamping housing development from The Report: Peru 2015

Fuelled by Peru’s economic performance, the construction sector continues to see expansion at several levels. Mechanisms to attract private investments into infrastructure revamping are bringing essential facilities, such as ports and airports, up to standard. The utilities and energy sectors are seeing increased attention, which is needed to...