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    In-depth coverage of the local legal framework for business is an integral part of OBG’s analysis. Working in partnership with a leading local law firm, we review foreign investment laws, ownership restrictions, requirements for local partners and labour laws, among other topics.
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Articles & Analysis | Improved transparency: Developing corporate governance and disclosure standards for public companies from The Report: Saudi Arabia 2014.


Since its formation in July 2004, the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has taken various measures to improve corporate governance and disclosure standards for Saudi Arabian public companies, which has also resulted in the improvement of such standards among private companies that may seek to be publicly listed in the future.

Articles & Analysis | Informed investing: Regulations relating to the investment landscape for both foreign and local investors from The Report: Saudi Arabia 2014.


The growth of the Saudi economy over the last few decades has been nothing short of staggering, and today the country is one of the top 20 economies in the world. Historically, the hydrocarbons sector has dominated the economy, though growth in other segments, including industry, manufacturing, retail, trade and construction, has created...

Interviews & Viewpoints | Emphasising local growth: Salman Al Sudairi, Managing Partner of Riyadh Office, the Law Office of Salman M. Al-Sudairi in Association with Latham & Watkins, on addressing the requirements of Saudiisation from The Report: Saudi Arabia 2014.


One of the most challenging issues for investors in the Kingdom is how to adequately and commercially address the requirements of the Saudiisation policy. This is a particular challenge for foreign investors, who often have a harder time recruiting Saudi workers. The rationale behind the policy is clear: the Kingdom has a very young population...

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Saudi Arabia 2014.

This chapter features an overview of the law for both local and foreign investors, as well as an outline of regulations on owning property for non-GCC nationals. It covers up-to-date laws on intellectual property and copyright, as well as environmental guidelines for construction projects and some new standards for disclosure of financial information. This chapter includes a viewpoint from...

Economic update | Bahrain introduces measures to spur property growth

14 Apr 2015

With gains in the Bahraini real estate market demonstrating a gradual return of investor and developer confidence, a drive to restart work on long-delayed residential developments is likely to give further impetus to the recovery.

Articles & Analysis | Important legal and regulatory developments in the Philippines from The Report: The Philippines 2015


As ASEAN starts its economic integration in 2015, there have been certain important developments in the legal and regulatory framework of the Philippines. As elucidated below, the changes of recent years have significant implications in the area of banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, and data privacy.