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    In-depth coverage of the local legal framework for business is an integral part of OBG’s analysis. Working in partnership with a leading local law firm, we review foreign investment laws, ownership restrictions, requirements for local partners and labour laws, among other topics.
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Economic update | Panamá endurece regulaciones contra el lavado de dinero

15 Jul 2015

Los esfuerzos de Panamá por combatir el lavado de dinero anotaron un avance clave en junio, con la aprobación de una ley que, espera, acelerará su salida de la lista gris del Grupo de Acción Financiera Internacional (GAFI).

Interviews & Viewpoints | Todung Mulya Lubis, Senior Partner, Lubis, Santosa & Maramis, on enhancing the country’s business environment from The Report: Indonesia 2015

Please don’t panic. And don’t judge the government by slower economic growth, the weakening rupiah and continuing corruption. Of course, those are reasons to be cautious, but it does not mean Indonesia should be written off. After all, Indonesia is still the largest country in the ASEAN, the fourth-most-populous nation in the world and...

Articles & Analysis | Indonesia introduces one map policy as a solution to overlapping land claims from The Report: Indonesia 2015

Indonesia successfully held its third direct elections in 2014. Although there was only a slight difference in the number of votes and the presidency had to be decided by the Constitutional Court, this did not stop the country from seeking a change of course with its new leader, President Joko Widodo. The president has promised to boost the economy by targeting economic growth...

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Indonesia 2015

This chapter examines Indonesia’s legal framework, focusing on the new land management policy that has been introduced as a solution to issues with overlapping land claims. It also contains a viewpoint from Todung Mulya Lubis, Senior Partner, Lubis, Santosa & Maramis.

Report | The Report: Indonesia 2015

Indonesia is transforming from a resources- and consumption-based economy to a more manufacturing- and investment-oriented one, working to build an industrial base that will allow it to reduce its dependence on imports and keep more value within the economy. Following his inauguration in October 2014, President Joko Widodo quickly took a number of vital and positive steps that so far are increasing opportunities for foreign direct investment.

Economic update | Colombianos podrán viajar sin visa a Europa

22 Jun 2015

Tras largas negociaciones, la UE acordó en mayo eximir de la visa Schengen a los colombianos que visitan Europa, dando el sello de aprobación a los esfuerzos de Colombia para mejorar la seguridad y reducir la inmigración ilegal.