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    In-depth coverage of the local legal framework for business is an integral part of OBG’s analysis. Working in partnership with a leading local law firm, we review foreign investment laws, ownership restrictions, requirements for local partners and labour laws, among other topics.
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Report | The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015

Following successful completion of the Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas project, the country is experiencing a surge of optimism about foreign investment and overall economic growth. PNG remains favoured by its traditional investors such as Australia, but it is increasingly a target for new players, including China and Japan.

Articles & Analysis | PNG regulators guard the environment from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015

The establishment of the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) will see significant changes in the ways applicants for, and holders of, environment permits interface with the environmental regulator. CEPA was established under the Conservation and Environment Protection Act 2014 (CEPA Act) and takes over the role formerly...

Articles & Analysis | Foreign companies take note of PNG's legal structure from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015

There are three levels of government in Papua New Guinea, the national, provincial and local-level governments. Until December 2004 PNG maintained a comprehensive regulated foreign exchange control regime with a variety of transactions requiring the approval of the Bank of PNG (the...

Articles & Analysis | Two business name acts on the books in PNG from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015

In May 2014 the National Parliament enacted the Business Names Act 2014 (New Act). At the time the New Act came into force, PNG already had business names legislation – the Business Names Act (Chapter 145) (Old Act) in force. The New Act does not repeal or amend the Old Act so that, technically at least, PNG now has two business names acts in...

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2015

This chapter examines the legislation in Papua New Guinea that affects enterprises and investors. It focuses on the laws that encourage investment, on the creation of a new environment protection authority and on the rules governing the registration of business names.

Articles & Analysis | Gabon passes investor-friendly reforms from The Report: Gabon 2015

In accordance with its liberal economic principles, Gabon is open to foreign investors and the rights of free enterprise are guaranteed. 1. GENERAL LEGAL ENVIRONMENT A. Constitution & other sources of rules: Gabon has a civil law structure with a hierarchy of legislation: lower laws need to comply with upper laws.