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    Many emerging markets are working to build their manufacturing sectors to maximise the value of their natural resources. OBG provides an overview, highlighting key areas for investment. Typical industries covered include agro-food, automotive, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and textiles.
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Several major multinational manufacturers have announced plans to expand production in Egypt and use the country as a regional manufacturing base on the back of an improving macroeconomic outlook.

New projects and investments related to food processing are strengthening Sharjah’s manufacturing sector and lending themselves to attempts to improve food security across the UAE.

South Africa’s food and beverages industry is one of a handful of key agri-processing segments set to benefit from a new state-led investment incentive scheme.

Les efforts déployés par l’Algérie pour améliorer sa sécurité hydrique vont franchir une étape importante dans les deux ans et demi à venir avec la mise en service d’une série de nouveaux barrages.


The state-owned oil industry is by far the largest sector in Kuwait’s economy, representing more than half of GDP, 95% of exports and roughly four-fifths of state revenues. As oil and its byproducts are used to make more than 300,000 products globally, the country’s petroleum-based industries and petrochemicals hold significant growth...


In September 2016 Mohammad Al Ajmi, director-general of the Public Authority for Industry, announced plans to boost Kuwait’s industrial output by 25% in the coming years. Although the state controls nearly 101bn barrels of proven crude deposits, the drop in oil prices has compelled the government to push ahead with a host of economic reforms...