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La signature au mois de janvier d’un contrat portant sur le raccordement de Djibouti au nouveau système sous-marin de fibre optique qui traversera l’Océan Indien, baptisé Australia West Express Cable (AWC), constitue une étape supplémentaire dans la stratégie du pays qui cherche à renforcer son positionnement en tant que porte d’entrée des télécommunications en Afrique de l’Est.


Kenya’s telecommunications sector plays an important role in the country’s economy, benefitting from decades of infrastructure investment, early adoption of next-generation mobile broadband services and rapid growth in the mobile money transfer segment, with Kenya pioneering the latter. The industry as a whole has been on an upward trajectory...


How would you rate the competitiveness of the telecoms sector in Kenya?


What reforms could promote the development of the ICT sector at the start-up level?


Kenya’s IT sector has risen to become an important contributor to economic growth, as the expansion of mobile broadband, WiMAX and fibre optic networks has driven internet usage and subscribership in recent years. Rising private sector investment in new IT infrastructure will support the government’s efforts to achieve universal internet...


In what ways can mobile operators encourage higher levels of data consumption?