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    OBG reviews the government and private health sectors highlighting opportunities for international medical providers to enter local markets. Overall spending, ratios of medical staff, facilities per capita and project spending plans are analysed. Health tourism also comes under scrutiny where relevant.
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Articles & Analysis | Room to manoeuvre: Opportunities are expanding in the private health care sector from The Report: Oman 2015

Although new public hospitals are under development, Oman’s private health care sector is also undergoing rapid expansion, bolstered by population growth, capacity constraints at existing public facilities and rising demand for specialty care. While health care is provided to all Omani citizens free of charge, a dearth of critical care options has...

Articles & Analysis | Growing strong: Increased focus on private sector investment and preventive care from The Report: Oman 2015

Nearly 40 years after the government launched a series of long-term health reforms, Oman’s health care sector has made major strides in terms of providing primary health care services and improving basic health indicators. As the sultanate nears the end of its eighth five-year health development plan (2011-15), the sector has witnessed substantial...

Chapter | Health from The Report: Oman 2015

The government is increasingly focused on preventative care as Oman’s health care budget almost doubled for 2014, reaching $3.34bn. Rising rates of obesity and diabetes are among the chief challenges facing the sector as lifestyle changes bring rates for obesity in line with developed Western countries. While government spending accounts for about 78.7% of total health expenditure in the...

Report | The Report: Oman 2015

Although the sultanate’s petroleum wealth has traditionally provided a backbone for growth, efforts are well under way to diversify away from hydrocarbons. Oman Vision 2020 has laid out plans to boost industrialisation within the sultanate and to encourage the private sector to take a more active role in the economy and in the provision of jobs, both of which are billed as key drivers for growth.

Articles & Analysis | Funding drive: Partnerships with the private sector are on the rise as the government prepares to address infrastructure gaps from The Report: Peru 2015

After decades of underinvestment, the Peruvian government is now prioritising the health care sector. A reform package passed in 2013 and the allocation of $8.4bn to address the sizeable infrastructure gap in the public system are indicative of the government’s commitment to raising sector standards. A new emphasis on public-private partnerships (...

Interviews & Viewpoints | OBG talks to Elsa Del Castillo, President, University of the Pacific from The Report: Peru 2015

What more needs to be done to improve the tertiary education system in the country?