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    OBG reviews the government and private health sectors highlighting opportunities for international medical providers to enter local markets. Overall spending, ratios of medical staff, facilities per capita and project spending plans are analysed. Health tourism also comes under scrutiny where relevant.
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Economic update | Health Matters in Qatar

24 Nov 2014

Recent news of the imminent opening of Hamad Medical City – a three-hospital complex re-purposing the 2006 Asian Games’ Athlete’s Village in Doha – was welcomed by many in Qatar’s public and private health services.

Indeed, extra, capacity is something health planners and professionals have been after for some time, with the country’s hospitals and clinics facing growing demand ­–...

Report | The Report: Kenya 2014

As East Africa’s largest economy, Kenya has seen its economy grow by more than 4% for the last three years, according to data from the World Bank, while an improvement in fiscal indicators and a new constitution encouraging devolution have helped to improve governance and the public balance sheet. 

Chapter | Health & Education from The Report: Kenya 2014

Following decades of stagnation in basic health care indicators, Kenya’s health sector is slowly picking up. Health care spending however remains low, while key indicators such as maternal mortality have stayed high for a decade. Nonetheless, recent reforms have painted a brighter picture for health care in Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s goal to deliver universal health care has seen the...

Articles & Analysis | Going online: E-learning university should help ease pressure on tertiary enrolment from The Report: Kenya 2014

University education in Kenya is set to undergo major changes in the coming years, as amendments to the country’s regulatory framework and reforms such as devolution expand post-secondary offerings across the country. While funding and capacity constraints remain serious challenges, new digital platforms such as the country’s flagship Open...

Interviews & Viewpoints | Healthy changes: OBG talks to James Macharia, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health from The Report: Kenya 2014

What opportunities exist for private investors in health care, and what role will public-private partnerships (PPPs) play in this regard?

Articles & Analysis | Healthy start: Small companies and start-ups join the ranks of private providers from The Report: Kenya 2014

As Kenya’s long-underfunded health sector strives to boost access to quality care, the private sector’s role in provision has expanded, with most health care facilities now run by donors and private firms. The health care sector has seen growing investment from foreign firms, as well as increased participation by small and medium-sized enterprises (...