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    OBG reviews the government and private health sectors highlighting opportunities for international medical providers to enter local markets. Overall spending, ratios of medical staff, facilities per capita and project spending plans are analysed. Health tourism also comes under scrutiny where relevant.
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In the context of declining public revenues, following the sharp fall in oil and gas prices since mid-2014, Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is looking to reassess the state of its education system to ensure it is in line with broader development goals. Buoyed by steady hydrocarbons revenues for the past decade, T&T’s education system is one...


A push for comprehensive health care reform in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) could see the country’s health care sector undergo significant changes in the medium term. Elected in September 2015, the People’s National Movement (PNM) government, led by Keith Rowley, has pledged to lead the country’s transition to a comprehensive national...

Chapter | Education & Health from The Report: Trinidad & Tobago 2016

While education remains one of the great strengths of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy, a scenario of negative growth is raising questions of quality, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and the relevance of higher education and skills training for the country’s changing labor market and broader macroeconomic environment. To assess the state of the education system, the newly elected government...

Although low oil and gas prices in 2015 had a negative economic effect on the Trinidad and Tobago, the current government is pursuing a series of reforms aimed at both strengthening the important energy sector and diversifying the wider economy.

In May the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), in partnership with the federal Ministry of Health (MoH), signed a series of agreements to modernise and expand health care services through private sector participation.

Far-reaching reforms aimed at strengthening Kuwait’s national health care system are gaining momentum, as the government moves forward with its plans to rationalise public spending in the face of a rising budget deficit.