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The central bank of Ghana has announced higher minimum capital requirements for the country’s lenders, in line with implementation of Basel II and III standards.

Las start-ups o empresas emergentes especializadas en tecnología digital están fortaleciendo su presencia en el sector financiero colombiano, una tendencia que podría ayudar al crecimiento del PIB en casi un punto porcentual en los próximos años.

Increased product awareness and an expanding economy are fuelling demand in Vietnam’s insurance industry, as the government seeks to attract overseas investors to the market.

Positive first half results from leading banks, rising business confidence and a predicted surge in consumer spending are expected to boost lending and earnings in Dubai’s financial services sector.

Positive economic developments and insurance sector reforms are helping to boost profitability in Indonesia’s reinsurance segment, following the formation late last year of a new state-owned reinsurance company.

Ongoing reforms in Malaysia’s insurance industry should increase competition and cut premiums costs for consumers, though a flatter economy has seen revenues dip as the market adjusts to a newly liberalised operating environment.