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Foreign banks may be granted greater access to Myanmar’s domestic financial market as a way of servicing local demand for trade financing.


The Egyptian insurance industry, one of the oldest in the region, has shown a welcome degree of resilience in recent years. Despite its long history, however, the market remains at a relatively nascent stage of growth compared to those in advanced economies, characterised by a low penetration rate and modest insurance density. While this means...


With nine operators in the Egyptian insurance sector offering takaful (Islamic insurance), sharia-compliant coverage is already a well-established component of the industry. Many market observers, however, feel that compared to its success in the Gulf, the Egyptian takaful story is one of unrealised potential.


The recent history of bancassurance in Egypt has at times been a troubled one. While the concept was enthusiastically adopted in the period of sustained economic growth leading up to 2008, the pace of the industry’s expansion exposed a number of weaknesses. Chief among these were a lack of adequately trained staff and an increasing amount of...


What impact has the depreciation of the Egyptian pound had on the reinsurance industry?


To what extent is there room to encourage greater investment from domestic institutions?