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    OBG provides coverage of the major macro-economic trends within local economies, including GDP growth, government budgeting, public debt, balance of payments, monetary policy and long-term development strategies.
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What regulations and incentives are needed to incubate private sector economic growth?


What more needs to be done to insulate Papua New Guinea’s economy from external forces such as commodity prices and natural disasters?


PNG has all the potential in the world; it has almost 10m people, an abundance of natural resources and sits at the geographic crossroad between the South Pacific and South-east Asia. In many ways both the opportunities and challenges that PNG faces are characteristic of the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017

This chapter contains a list of recommended hotels located around the country, contact information for government bodies and foreign embassies and the listings of various businesses and organisations. It also offers travel tips and cultural facts for visitors.

Chapter | Table of Contents from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017

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Chapter | Economy from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017

Despite some weak headline numbers, Papua New Guinea’s economy is set to see a recovery in 2017. Depreciation of the kina and the shortage of US dollars have slowed imports and led to pockets of strength. Robust activity at the small and medium-sized enterprise level and in the informal sector is ongoing, while key statistics, such as the current account, are indicating a return to balance....