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    OBG provides coverage of the major macro-economic trends within local economies, including GDP growth, government budgeting, public debt, balance of payments, monetary policy and long-term development strategies.
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La proposition de création d’un nouveau fonds d'investissement privé dédié à la Côte d’Ivoire met en avant l’attractivité du pays pour les capital-investisseurs. 

A new trade policy looks set to shift Papua New Guinea’s focus towards the development of bilateral ties and away from multinational agreements as part of broader efforts to create a more balanced trading environment.

Jordan has taken steps to increase its international trade flows by re-establishing links with traditional partners and expanding connections with new markets.


ETIQUETTE: “For every village a different culture” is the expression that best describes the social norms, cultures and languages of Papua New Guinea’s population. Most locals will greet you with a warm smile, and the salutation “monin tru”(“a very good morning”) is considered the polite...

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AIRWAYS HOTEL Jacksons Parade, Jacksons International Airport PO Box 1942, Boroko, NCD T: (+675) 324 5200, (+675) 7373 2600 F: (+675) 325 0759 reservations@airways.com.pg www.airways.com.pg Rooms: 40 Bacchus rooms, 49 Fountain rooms, 24 Dakota rooms, 22 Dakota junior suites, 11 Dakota suites and 1 Presidential suite. Business & Conference...


Papua New Guinea’s market is remarkably open in terms of trade. Over the past two decades the country has gone from being a high-tariff jurisdiction pursuing 1970s-style goals of protection and import substitution, to one that embraces free market principles. The tenets of the Washington Consensus were accepted and implemented in a phased...