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    OBG provides coverage of the major macro-economic trends within local economies, including GDP growth, government budgeting, public debt, balance of payments, monetary policy and long-term development strategies.
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Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Nigeria 2017

This section includes information on hotels, government and other listings, alongside useful tips for visitors on topics like currency, visas, language, communications, dress, business hours and electricity.

Chapter | Economy from The Report: Nigeria 2017

The past few years have been difficult for Africa’s largest economy, with a fall in oil prices from more than $100 per barrel in 2014 to roughly $50 per barrel at the start of 2017 having damaging consequences for Nigeria. The fall in revenues from the country’s largest export-earner led to a slowdown in investment throughout the economy, a ballooning of federal government debt, a rise in non-...

Chapter | Country Profile from The Report: Nigeria 2017

Nigeria is the 14th-largest country in Africa, and with a population of 189m people and home to more than 250 ethnic groups, the country is rightly famed for its cultural diversity. A successful presidential election in 1999 ushered in a period of relative stability, with nearly 18 years of democratic polls. This greatly improved political situation has brought economic dividends, particularly...

With Africa’s largest economy and its biggest population, Nigeria is the continent’s heavyweight. The country has been blessed with resource-rich lands, areas of great agricultural fertility and favourable demographics, but it has also had its fair share of challenges.

Egypt is continuing its programme of fiscal consolidation, exchange rate liberalisation and pro-investment reform, with the country expected to receive another multibillion-dollar tranche of funds from creditors following a year-end review.

With an eye on reversing a dip in foreign direct investment (FDI), the Philippines has proposed a series of reforms aimed at increasing trade liberalisation.