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    OBG provides coverage of the major macro-economic trends within local economies, including GDP growth, government budgeting, public debt, balance of payments, monetary policy and long-term development strategies.
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The Jordanian government is looking to reduce its debt burden and jumpstart the economy through a combination of budgetary adjustments, a new medium-term economic strategy and international aid agreements.

Los pronósticos vaticinan un aumento de la inversión privada en el Perú a medida que mejora la confianza en el país y se siente el efecto en la economía de los recientes estímulos fiscales.

Des investissements considérables de la part de partenaires internationaux contribuent à remettre la Tunisie sur la voie de la croissance économique à l’heure où le pays est confronté à des conditions économiques difficiles, à une instabilité sociale et à un fort taux de chômage.


What are some of the key benefits for companies based in Trinidad and Tobago exporting to Panama under the Partial Scope Agreement?


The relationship between the public and private sector in Trinidad and Tobago is both important and complex. At one level it is competitive and sometimes antagonistic, with each side seeking to widen its share of total economic activity and criticising the other, often on ideological grounds. On another level, however, it is deeply...


In October 2016 the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) published a new strategic plan, covering the five years between FY 2017 and FY 2021. This was the second medium-term plan adopted by the CBTT. The first had initially covered the three years between FY 2012 and FY 2014, under the theme of enhancing financial stability, governance...