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Jordan has taken steps to increase its international trade flows by re-establishing links with traditional partners and expanding connections with new markets.

Articles & Analysis | Papau New Guinea's Hotel Listing from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017


AIRWAYS HOTEL Jacksons Parade, Jacksons International Airport PO Box 1942, Boroko, NCD T: (+675) 324 5200, (+675) 7373 2600 F: (+675) 325 0759 reservations@airways.com.pg www.airways.com.pg Rooms: 40 Bacchus rooms, 49 Fountain rooms, 24 Dakota rooms, 22 Dakota junior suites, 11 Dakota suites and 1 Presidential suite. Business & Conference...


ETIQUETTE: “For every village a different culture” is the expression that best describes the social norms, cultures and languages of Papua New Guinea’s population. Most locals will greet you with a warm smile, and the salutation “monin tru”(“a very good morning”) is considered the polite...


Papua New Guinea’s market is remarkably open in terms of trade. Over the past two decades the country has gone from being a high-tariff jurisdiction pursuing 1970s-style goals of protection and import substitution, to one that embraces free market principles. The tenets of the Washington Consensus were accepted and implemented in a phased...


How can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a greater role in developing key sectors within the wider PNG economy?


What infrastructure initiatives are required in Papua New Guinea to foster economic development and enhance trade with Australia?