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Si les hydrocarbures constituent depuis longtemps la clé de voûte de l’économie algérienne, le ralentissement des exportations et de la production dû au vieillissement des champs pétroliers et à un contexte de prix bas du pétrole, a entrainé en 2016 une intensification des initiatives de diversification de l’économie du pays ainsi que l’adoption de mesures destinées à améliorer le climat des affaires.

Lower hydrocarbons revenues, tight capital controls and currency volatility combined to make 2016 a challenging year for Nigeria.

Dos eventos mayores marcaron el año 2016 de Panamá en la arena internacional, mientras que internamente su economía doméstica continuó con fuerte crecimiento, ya que la actividad en un buen número de sectores ganó un impulso que se espera se mantenga en el 2017.



LANGUAGE: Modern Standard Arabic is used in schools, government offices and the media. In practice, Darja, the local Algerian dialect of Arabic, is more commonly used and varies from one region to another. French is very commonly used in business, though this is less true outside of Algeria’s main...


What is the relationship between Tunisia and Algeria, specifically with respect to industry?


With traditional lending constrained by lower hydrocarbons receipts, public authorities are redoubling their efforts to develop Algeria’s capital markets. By encouraging listings on the country’s equity and debt markets, officials are looking to relieve pressure on the national Treasury and create new investment opportunities for financial...