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The second-largest economy in Africa after Nigeria, South Africa benefits from some of the most sophisticated financial markets in the world, paired with a robust regulatory system, and is also home to the headquarters of a number of major multinational players in the fields of industry, energy and financial services.

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Chapter | Tax from The Report: South Africa 2016

In conjunction with SizweNtsalubaGobodo, OBG explores the taxation system, examining South Africa’s investor-friendly environment. OBG talks to Victor Sekese, CEO, SizweNtsalubaGobodo, on new tax rules.

Chapter | Table of Contents from The Report: South Africa 2016

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Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: South Africa 2016

OBG introduces the reader to the different aspects of the legal system in South Africa, in partnership with Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. OBG talks to Brent Williams, CEO, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, on South Africa’s evolving legal and business environment.

Chapter | Education from The Report: South Africa 2016

The education sector in South Africa remains a top priority for the state, with basic education receiving the largest share of government expenditure in the most recent budget, as stakeholders move to improve both the quality of learning and student outcomes. Although the sector is still confronted with a lack of available capacity and high levels of youth unemployment for graduates, the...

Chapter | Health from The Report: South Africa 2016

Basic health indicators in South Africa have improved recently thanks to surging government expenditure aimed at combating communicable diseases that have added to existing constraints in the public health system. The advent of universal health coverage under the National Health Insurance scheme in particular has created new opportunities in the sector, as well as offering the potential to...

Chapter | Media & Advertising from The Report: South Africa 2016

South Africa’s media sector is perhaps the largest and most sophisticated on the continent, with more than 850 print titles, around 250 radio stations and 16 television providers offering more than 170 channels. The reach of broadcast in particular is impressive, with a steady rise in channels and advertising revenues in recent years. Ownership is well diversified, with hundreds of independent...