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As the global economic environment challenges businesses and gives rise to acute unemployment, there is a growing need for governments to find more innovative ways of attracting investors. In South Africa there are several tax incentives and allowances geared to attracting investment and promoting employment creation.

The sluggish growth of the South African domestic market due to socioeconomic, labour and energy supply challenges, exchange rate pressures and regulatory uncertainty in the resources sector is likely to continue having a cooling effect on inbound foreign direct investment in the near term.

With 20% of public expenditure for 2014/15 going to education, what steps can be taken to ensure these resources are properly managed?

What impact will the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme have on demand and access?

How do you expect the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial TV (DTT) will affect the sector landscape?

How have sluggish headline growth and a weakened rand affected operational costs?