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The emirate of Dubai, by virtue of being less generously endowed with hydrocarbons than its regional neighbours, has worked hard over the past several decades to develop a wider, more diversified economic bedrock to power growth. As a result the emirate has several sectors whose growth is not wholly contingent on hydrocarbons revenues, and which continue to prosper in the current environment.

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Chapter | Health from The Report: Dubai 2016

With more physicians per head than the UK and a lower mortality rate for children under five than the US, Dubai can boast of a world-class health care system by some measures. However, in the face of rapid population growth and the quest for a more comprehensive offering of clinical specialities, much is left to be done in Dubai’s health care system. As of the first quarter of 2015, health...

Chapter | Capital Markets from The Report: Dubai 2016

The past 15 years have seen major advances in capital markets activity in Dubai. The financial sector free zone, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), has gone from idea to reality, and the emirate recently became the world’s largest market for sukuk (Islamic bonds). However, development has been uneven across types of capital markets offerings based on local demand patterns. New...

Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Dubai 2016

The guide contains listings of some of the leading hotels and resorts in Dubai, and contacts for important government offices and services. It also contains useful tips and information for first-time, regular, business and leisure visitors alike.

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Dubai 2016

This chapter contains an outline of the legal framework in which local and foreign investors operate, including an overview of the expected future changes to foreign direct investment (FDI) restrictions, a rundown of the recently overhauled workplace regulations and protections, and a look at the implications of the expanded scope and greater emphasis being placed on public-private...

Chapter | Tax from The Report: Dubai 2016

This chapter contains an overview of the tax framework in which local and foreign investors operate, including a look ahead at the GCC value-added tax (VAT) framework that is being created and the considered implementation of a corporate income tax.

This chapter contains a viewpoint from Dean Kern, Middle East Tax and Legal Services Leader, PwC.

Chapter | Media & Advertising from The Report: Dubai 2016

Over the past 15 years, Dubai has come into its own as one of the Middle East’s key centres for print, broadcast and digital media. The emirate’s media-focused free zone, Dubai Media City, has attracted a range of global media brands, including news organisations like Reuters, The Economist and CNN; publishing firms, such as McGraw Hill and Forbes; media production companies, including Sony...