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The government is stepping up investment in transport infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, fast-tracking key projects and creating new opportunities for service providers.  

Moves to privatise utilities assets in Saudi Arabia and expand the reach of its networks through increased investment should create new opportunities for private operators and service providers.

Increased investment in Saudi Arabia’s mining sector looks set to lift its GDP contribution significantly in the coming years, as part of an accelerating push to diversify the economy under the Vision 2030 development plan.

What greater role do you think the Saudi private sector can take with the launch of Vision 2030?

Coinciding with a visit from US President Donald Trump, the inaugural Saudi-US CEO Forum on May 20 in Riyadh saw a series of deals signed between numerous companies in both the oil and non-oil sectors, with Saudi Arabia looking to enhance private sector involvement in its economy and increase foreign investment as part of its Vision 2030 economic blueprint.

A government push to enforce stronger uptake of compulsory health and automotive coverage could generate substantial new business in Saudi Arabia’s insurance sector, deepening the industry’s premium pool and strengthening its asset base.