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The Qatari economy, together with all of the other GCC countries, has been affected by the recent economic changes, most notably the fall in oil prices coupled with volatility in the stock markets after China devalued its currency. Due to its vast natural gas reserves and emphasis on liquefied natural gas exports, Qatar is one of the best...


The Middle East has traditionally been an attractive region from a tax perspective. According to the PwC and World Bank “Paying Taxes 2016” study, Qatar is ranked first in the world in terms of ease of paying taxes. With the pronounced decline in oil prices impacting both the public and private sectors, new reforms, including changes to...


Given that Qatar’s demography is largely blue-collar workers, is there a big enough consumer base to justify the high-end developments being built?


Given increasing competition to develop regional film centres, what sort of incentives are available to filmmakers to attract them to Qatar?


Body copy To what extent should innovations in higher education be influenced by the employment market?


How do you foresee supply and demand of hotel rooms developing? Is there a risk of an oversupply of rooms after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?