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With Africa’s largest economy and its biggest population, Nigeria is the continent’s heavyweight. The country has been blessed with resource-rich lands, areas of great agricultural fertility and favourable demographics, but it has also had its fair share of challenges.

Proposals to encourage investment in Myanmar’s inland waterways could help ease road congestion, as well as provide a cost-efficient route to economic development.

On September 17 the Swiss-based Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and Taiwan’s Yang Ming Transport Corporation both opened new weekly lines to Qatar’s Hamad Port, south of Doha.

Plans to overhaul Nigeria’s transport links are gaining pace, spearheaded by a major railway expansion project.

L’Algérie connaît actuellement une augmentation considérable de ses capacités en matière de transport en commun avec le lancement de projets de métro léger et de métro dans les plus grandes villes du pays, dans le cadre d’une politique visant à réduire les embouteillages et améliorer la circulation des personnes.

A large-scale incentives programme and stronger infrastructure backbone are driving government plans to promote vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).