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Chapter | Transport from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017

A challenging, disparate geography and low population density have created a unique set of issues for Papua New Guinea’s transport industry. Costs are high across all major modes of transport, and a lack of connectivity presents a serious challenge to doing business outside of Port Moresby. The country’s recent construction boom in the lead up to ExxonMobil’s $19bn liquefied natural gas project has not been as beneficial to public spending as initially anticipated, and budgetary shortfalls caused by low global commodities prices and a wider macroeconomic slowdown have significantly affected the delivery of planned new transport upgrades. As a result, public spending on transport is projected to further contract every year until 2021. This chapter contains an interview with Richard Yolo, Acting Managing Director, National Airports Corporation.
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On September 17 the Swiss-based Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and Taiwan’s Yang Ming Transport Corporation both opened new weekly lines to Qatar’s Hamad Port, south of Doha.

Plans to overhaul Nigeria’s transport links are gaining pace, spearheaded by a major railway expansion project.

L’Algérie connaît actuellement une augmentation considérable de ses capacités en matière de transport en commun avec le lancement de projets de métro léger et de métro dans les plus grandes villes du pays, dans le cadre d’une politique visant à réduire les embouteillages et améliorer la circulation des personnes.

A large-scale incentives programme and stronger infrastructure backbone are driving government plans to promote vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).


Capacity constraints at the increasingly busy Jacksons International Airport (JIA) have made expansion of passenger facilities and runways an important priority for aviation stakeholders. Although the airport has already undergone recent renovations to expand its existing international passenger terminal, authorities are directing their...


What is your assessment of Papua New Guinea’s airport infrastructure in the run-up to hosting the APEC conference in 2018?