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After a number of challenging years, PNG is starting to hit its equilibrium point again. It has largely passed through the period of difficult adjustments, and now some balance has returned. A number of long-planned projects are progressing and new areas of opportunity are being explored.

Broad-based appeal and a growing reputation as an attractive destination for key markets suggest Oman could comfortably meet its long-term targets for the tourism industry, which include increasing visitor numbers to 11.7m by 2040.

Increased access for air travellers, stronger advertising campaigns and enhanced bilateral cooperation are underpinning Sri Lanka’s push to expand its foothold in one of the world’s largest potential tourism source markets – India.

Infrastructure and tourism-related programmes will be among the beneficiaries of a new levy on hotel stays that Malaysia’s government is imposing to help fund expansion of the country’s tourism offering.

An overhaul of Jordan’s airport infrastructure, coupled with an increase in flights, could provide a welcome boost to the country’s tourism sector.


Success has come at a price for Thailand’s tourism industry. With total visitor numbers increasing very rapidly and for many years, infrastructure is under strain. According to the World Bank, bottlenecks are starting to develop in places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. The situation at the country’s airports is particularly...