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Papua New Guinea’s retail sector remains in its nascent stages, with the majority of the population remaining outside of the formal economy and low rates of urbanisation. The recent construction of the $19bn PNG LNG natural gas project provided significant support for retail expansion, although retailers have since grappled with a host of...


How would you describe the sentiment of the retail sector, given the current economic slump?


How do practices in Papua New Guinea stack up against World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations and guidelines on free trade?

Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017

Although smaller than its petroleum, mining and agricultural sectors, Papua New Guinea’s industry and manufacturing are major contributors to the nation’s revenue base, and hold significant potential for future investment and development. Manufacturers face several challenges, including high transportation, utilities and security costs, import dependency, currency depreciation, a foreign...

After a number of challenging years, PNG is starting to hit its equilibrium point again. It has largely passed through the period of difficult adjustments, and now some balance has returned. A number of long-planned projects are progressing and new areas of opportunity are being explored.

Improved sales in key segments of South Africa’s automotive industry point to a modest rebound in domestic demand, though much of the growth in the sector stemmed from rising exports.