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Ghana has stepped up efforts to bolster its fast-growing ICT sector with the signing of a new deal strengthening cybersecurity protections.

Nigeria’s start-up scene is expanding rapidly, securing the most seed funding of any country in Africa and attracting increased international support. 


Characterised by high penetration rates, early adoption of new technology and healthy average revenue per user (ARPU), the Kuwait telecommunications sector is a small but profitable market in which three major regional providers compete. Faced with the erosion of traditional voice and text revenue streams, all three companies are focusing on...


What are the challenges of 5G networks, and what services are likely to shape future 5G offerings?


What are the most important impacts of ICT on the processes of government organisations?


ICT sits at the heart of the government’s 2035 strategy, New Kuwait, launched in 2017, but Kuwait has already made great strides in the digital economy. In the “Global Information Technology Report 2016” by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the country was among the biggest risers, and regulatory reforms are being put in place to usher in an era...