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Long-planned reforms to extend the length of schooling in the Philippines by two years are expected to significantly improve employment prospects for the country’s younger generations, while also creating investment opportunities in private education.

Private universities in the Philippines are poised to benefit from ongoing reforms aimed at improving access to the primary and secondary education system, although a marked rise in student numbers across the board is presenting challenges.
Major changes are expected in the Philippines’ higher education system as a drive to target courses that will meet the demands of the evolving economy gains pace.
Increasing government spending and a renewed focus on international partnerships are paving the way for Indonesia’s education sector to open up to foreign universities with more public funding allocated to improving learning services.
The Philippines’ education system is in the process of being given a major overhaul, with an extension to the term of basic education and a broader curriculum. These changes are aimed at better preparing students to play a role in society and the economy, though critics of the scheme warn that benefits could be limited by a lack of resources and the rush to implement the project.