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On the back of efforts to encourage more international business activity, the Philippines registered the highest rate of foreign direct investment (FDI) growth in the ASEAN region last year, with the country hoping to capitalise on the global attention generated by hosting the bloc’s most recent summit to enhance trade and investment flows.

What is your assessment of the potential for Indonesia’s life insurance market?

In what ways has the hygiene and personal care segment in Morocco been developing?

Egypt is continuing its programme of fiscal consolidation, exchange rate liberalisation and pro-investment reform, with the country expected to receive another multibillion-dollar tranche of funds from creditors following a year-end review.

With an eye on reversing a dip in foreign direct investment (FDI), the Philippines has proposed a series of reforms aimed at increasing trade liberalisation.

La entrada en vigor de la legislación dirigida a fomentar el desarrollo de pequeñas y medianas empresas en Argentina, simplifica los procedimientos de registro para emprendedores y crea nuevos canales de financiamiento.