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Bahrain has embarked on a reworking of its subsidy framework in a bid to ease the budgetary pressures associated with the fall in oil prices. Meanwhile, the government is also pushing forward with diversification efforts, with the kingdom’s $32bn investment strategy fuelling activity in various areas of the economy. 

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What can be done to entice large companies to continue investing in Bahrain?


Bahrain has always been one of the more connected centres of the Gulf. It has been a vibrant entrepôt for millennia, boasting a maritime history dating back to the commercial traffic that once plied the waters between ancient Mesopotamia and the civilizations of the Indus valley. Its geographic location has resulted in a particularly close...


In what way does the GCC ensure regional security in collaboration with others?


A combination of factors has led to a rise in bond issuance from GCC members in 2016. Across the year, bonds and sukuk (Islamic bonds) issued in the GCC hit $66.5bn, more than doubling the $27.6bn total issued in 2015, and rivalled only by the $60.9bn issued during 2009. A $17.5bn historic bond sale from Saudi Arabia accounted...


Economic diversification has been a strategic priority for GCC finance ministries for decades, and the recent decline in oil prices has only served to underscore the importance of hydrocarbons-driven economies reducing their dependence on oil and gas to ensure their long-term economic stability. Much of the momentum behind this process in the...


How can Bahrain best capitalise on its head start on diversification in comparison to most other Gulf states?