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Chapter | Agriculture & Fisheries from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017

With a seemingly endless supply of fertile land, the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea has enormous potential to strengthen the economy and increase the prosperity of local farmers. While a number of challenges stand in the way of these opportunities, PNG’s organic and fair trade credentials are gradually opening high-value niche markets and bolstering export figures. As such, the...

After a number of challenging years, PNG is starting to hit its equilibrium point again. It has largely passed through the period of difficult adjustments, and now some balance has returned. A number of long-planned projects are progressing and new areas of opportunity are being explored.

External threats such as pest infestation and adverse weather conditions could reduce earnings prospects for Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry this year, despite efforts to improve output and strengthen infrastructure.

Le Gabon déploie actuellement un nouveau programme d’observation des forêts afin de surveiller les espaces verts et de promouvoir le développement durable dans le cadre des engagements pris sous l’Accord de Paris. Le pays bénéficie dans sa démarche de l’appui financier de bailleurs de fonds, qui devrait permettre au secteur sylvicole de suivre une trajectoire de croissance à long terme.


How is the agricultural sector responding to the challenges posed by changing workforce demographics, and what part can technology play?


Although Thailand in recent years has focused on creating a more forward-thinking, modern economy, ranking second only to Singapore in financial clout within the ASEAN block, the country’s agricultural sector still remains a crucial cog in the engine driving the country forward. It continues to capitalise on its long-standing farming tradition...