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Report | The Report: Bahrain 2015

As the region faces up to the challenge of the recent drop in oil prices, Bahrain’s fundamentals indicate the kingdom is well positioned to weather the dip. The focus on diversification goals outlined in Economic Vision 2030 is helping establish a more competitive and sustainable economy in the kingdom. The financial sector, which represents Bahrain’s second-largest GDP contributor, has continued to recover robustly since the global economic downturn.

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Articles & Analysis | Bahrain seeks to stay ahead of local and regional health trends from The Report: Bahrain 2015


Under Article 8 of Bahrain’s constitution, all nationals are guaranteed access to health care. A number of public hospitals and care facilities are available, and the kingdom is also home to several private medical establishments. Indeed, the authorities are looking to encourage the private sector to play a larger role in providing medical...

Articles & Analysis | New private initiatives aim to make Bahrain a health tourism destination from The Report: Bahrain 2015


The health care services market has been growing in Bahrain, and is expected to reach $1.1bn by 2018. According to the Ministry of Health (MoH), the country also has untapped potential as a destination for health tourism within the region, and is therefore open to new investments that look to grow this sector while also addressing the needs of...

Articles & Analysis | Bahrain works to maintain its regional lead in education from The Report: Bahrain 2015


The first country in the region to begin developing public education, Bahrain opened Al Hidaya Al Khalifia Boys School on Muharraq Island in 1919, and the first girls’ school in 1928. From these pioneering efforts to today the system has continued to grow, both in terms of state-funded institutions and privately run entities. Education for all...

Articles & Analysis | Opportunities for private involvement in Bahrain's education sector are growing from The Report: Bahrain 2015


While Bahrain’s education rankings are among the highest in the Middle East, given the kingdom’s demographics there is still room for private investment at school level and in higher education. Some 32% of the population is under 15 years of age, and another 29% is aged 15-29. Regionally, the GCC education market is worth $40bn, with the...

Interviews & Viewpoints | OBG talks to Solveig Nicklos, Director, BIBF from The Report: Bahrain 2015

To what extent has the value of a bachelor’s degree diminished over the last few years in Bahrain, and what can be done to combat this?

Articles & Analysis | Bahrain's first higher education and national research strategy is an important milestone from The Report: Bahrain 2015


In June 2014 the Higher Education Council (HEC) approved Bahrain’s first National Strategy for Higher Education and Scientific Research. This important document was designed with input from private sector entities, the government and international consulting firms. The strategy will help determine the direction of the higher education in the...