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An oil-rich equatorial country in West Africa, Gabon’s abundant natural resources have given it one of the highest per capita incomes on the continent, though lower oil revenues has seen growth contract in recent years.

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A country that has often wielded a certain amount of diplomatic heft on the continent, Tanzania has long been seen as a stable market in a volatile region.

Indeed, although the economy is starting from a low base, all the component parts are in place to meet the government’s ambitious agenda. New discoveries of substantial natural gas reserves will augment the nation’s strong resource base and support the industrialisation programme. In addition, the country has a strong services sector, accounting for the largest share of economic output. With...

New listing requirements for Tanzania’s mining companies are key components of the government’s plans to use the upstream extractive sector to stoke broader economic growth.


The regional authorities are currently working to create two new institutions that will serve to provide banks and merchants in CEMAC with more information on their customers. This will allow for an improvement in both the development of local payment systems and the ability of banks to lend with increased confidence.


Despite its small population, Gabon has a relatively large insurance market, thanks in part to its high per capita income. The industry contracted in 2015 on the back of the drop in oil prices, but the prospects for the sector’s long-term development, particularly the life and micro segments, are strong. Plans to raise mandatory capitalisation...


How has the insurance sector in Gabon changed over the last five years?