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Although low oil and gas prices in 2015 had a negative economic effect on the Trinidad and Tobago, the current government is pursuing a series of reforms aimed at both strengthening the important energy sector and diversifying the wider economy.

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Myanmar’s residential property sector has thwarted concerns over slowed sales and investment last year, yet recovery has taken time to gain traction.

A push by Nigeria to boost the production of staple crops, with a particular focus on cassava, should help improve rural development and food security in the 170m-person country.

Despite slowing demand due to the weaker pace of economic recovery, Vietnam’s IT outsourcing sector is primed to maintain strong growth in the coming years.

State initiatives to boost Trinidad and Tobago’s maritime services and logistics sectors are expected to broaden the country’s economic base and boost government coffers.

Officials in Kuwait have made significant progress on long-awaited upgrades to Kuwait’s International Airport (KIA) by signing a $4.4bn contract to kick-start construction on a new terminal.

A return to the international bond market, combined with fiscal reforms and an increase in oil prices, is bolstering government efforts to bridge Oman’s budget deficit.