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Report | The Report: South Africa 2014

In April 2014 South Africans celebrated the 20th anniversary of both the end of apartheid and the creation of the modern Republic of South Africa. These two events highlight just how far South Africa has come in the past two decades, during which the nation’s numerous assets have contributed to its rise as one of Africa’s leading economic and diplomatic players.

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Economic update | Pressure on Thailand’s rubber industry

20 Dec 2014

The world’s largest rubber producer has seen earnings and output plunge this year, with Thailand’s government stepping in to fund subsidy and buying programmes to support its rubber growers against a weak economic backdrop.

Economic update | Mixed outlook in store for Turkish retail

18 Dec 2014

Consumer sentiment in Turkey is weakening as the pace of economic growth slows and consumers tighten their purse strings, potentially slowing the retail sector’s stellar performance in recent years. 

Economic update | Nigeria targets gas production

18 Dec 2014

Nigeria is looking to improve and expand the supply of gas used by its power sector, as part of a comprehensive overhaul of electricity generation.  

Economic update | Islamic banking thriving in Oman

18 Dec 2014

Islamic banking in Oman is expected to grow at double-digit rates as sharia-compliant banking products increasingly gain acceptance and the government’s plans to ease restrictions come to fruition.

Economic update | Qatar moves to tackle cyber crime

17 Dec 2014

Cyber security is high on the list of challenges that could prove a hurdle to Qatar’s economic development, although it is also being seen as an opportunity for potential growth in the information, communication and technology (ICT) industry.

Economic update | Perú retoma el Camino Inca para un crecimiento más sustentable

17 Dec 2014

A medida que la caída en los precios de los bienes básicos internacionales siguen enfriando el auge económico del Perú, impulsado por la minería, el sector turístico sigue perfilándose como un motor clave de crecimiento. Se espera un incremento de 5% en divisas de más de tres millones de turistas en 2014, según datos oficiales.