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Report | The Report: The Philippines 2015

The Philippine economy is gradually on the rise, largely driven by its business process outsourcing, industry and construction sectors. The average pace of growth in the Philippines in the first half of the decade was 6.3%, compared to 6% in Indonesia, 5.8% in Malaysia and Vietnam, and 3.6% in Thailand. The government has been widely commended for its efforts to improve business conditions and reduce corruption, while a relatively conservative fiscal policy has helped boost the economy’s credibility and steer investment into the private sector.

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Economic update | European quantitative easing bodes well for Abu Dhabi

23 Apr 2015

European quantitative easing (QE) could prove to be a catalyst for increased activity in Abu Dhabi’s bond market over the coming months, providing a welcome influx of funds.

Economic update | Le marché immobilier marocain porté par la demande dans le segment résidentiel

22 Apr 2015

Le ralentissement des prix de l’immobilier enregistré l’an dernier par le Maroc n’a eu que peu de répercussions sur le volume des transactions et le nombre total des ventes à travers le pays s’affiche à la hausse.

Economic update | Colombia potencia su inversión en educación

21 Apr 2015

El gobierno colombiano aprobó una inversión de 1 trillón de pesos colombianos (USD 400 millones) para distribuir computadoras de escritorio y tipo tableta entre escuelas públicas en su último esfuerzo por mejorar la calidad de la educación en el país, especialmente en áreas rurales. 

Economic update | Sri Lanka looks to turn the page

21 Apr 2015

An interim budget unveiled by Sri Lanka’s new government aims to bring down debt levels while maintaining growth, with newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena pledging in his inaugural speech in January to defeat corruption as well as lead a social transformation of the island nation. 

Economic update | No sign of Kenya’s property market running out of steam

21 Apr 2015

With demand for real estate in Nairobi sending property prices soaring on the back of rapid urbanisation, nearby counties are also seeing an uptick in activity as developers look to channel funds into satellite cities and commuter towns. 

Economic update | Malaysia experiences softer housing market

20 Apr 2015

Concerns about rising household debt and the introduction of a goods and services tax (GST), which came into effect on April 1, are likely to contribute to a cooling in the residential segment of Malaysia’s property market.