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Report | The Report: Oman 2015

Although the sultanate’s petroleum wealth has traditionally provided a backbone for growth, efforts are well under way to diversify away from hydrocarbons. Oman Vision 2020 has laid out plans to boost industrialisation within the sultanate and to encourage the private sector to take a more active role in the economy and in the provision of jobs, both of which are billed as key drivers for growth.

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Economic update | Côte d’Ivoire Bilan de l’Année 2014

30 Jan 2015

Pour la troisième année consécutive, la Côte d’Ivoire a été placée en 2014 sous le signe d’une reprise solide, soutenue par une stabilité politique et macro-économique installée, des investissements élevés et des réformes.

Economic update | La madurez de la minería panameña

30 Jan 2015

El descubrimiento de sustanciales depósitos de cobre en Panamá ha impulsado un auge de su industria minera, lo que en años recientes llevó al sector a duplicar su aporte al PIB y ambiciosas metas de crecimiento. 

Economic update | Philippines Stock Exchange’s winning streak continues

30 Jan 2015

Maintaining a growth streak for six consecutive years, the Philippines Stock Exchange’s (PSE) momentum is expected to continue into 2015, thanks to projected gains from cheaper oil prices and a strong growth outlook among dimming prospects in the region.

Economic update | Sarawak Year in Review 2014

29 Jan 2015

Investments in Sarawak's resource-based and service industries kept the Borneo island state ahead in 2014, with economic growth set to continue in 2015. However, new initiatives will be needed to diversify the economy and add more value across the oil and gas product chains.

Economic update | Revisión del año 2014 en México

29 Jan 2015

Aunque problemas políticos inconclusos socavaron la popularidad del Presidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto en 2014, el año pasado también trajo importantes avances luego que el Congreso aprobara un amplio paquete de reformas estructurales.

Economic update | Qatar: Making the Grade

29 Jan 2015

It has been something of a tumultuous year for Qatar’s capital markets. The 12 months saw two major country upgrades, moves to change the rules on foreign ownership, a very successful IPO, a move towards dual listing, ETFs, margin trading and short selling – all underscored by some strong growth in securities, coupled with a bolstering of bonds.