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At a time when a number of major Latin American economies, including Brazil and Venezuela, are heading toward recession, Mexico’s economy stands out in the region for its resilience. Projections for 2017 are couched in more uncertainty than is usual, however, in light of the lack of clarity over and the potential impact of policy changes in the US during the first year in office for US President Donald Trump. 

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Rising numbers of tourists from abroad and a state-led campaign to expand medical tourism could attract further investment to Sri Lanka’s health care sector, creating additional opportunities for its hospitality industry in the process.

New investment in airport infrastructure should help drive growth in Papua New Guinea’s aviation sector ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit the country is scheduled to host next year, helping offset a recent drop in earnings.

Increased investment in low-cost housing, improved access to home loans and streamlined procedures for building applications should feed into a stronger performance from Trinidad and Tobago’s construction sector in the near term. However, delays in payments for work completed, plus lengthy bureaucratic procedures, continue to pose challenges to expediting construction works.

Les initiatives visant à stimuler l’expansion de la Bourse des valeurs mobilières de Tunis (BMVT) et à encourager de nouvelles introductions commencent à porter leurs fruits, conformément aux objectifs de croissance annoncés en mars.

Deals signed in recent months that have the potential to reinvigorate Jordan’s phosphate exports could bring a new source of growth to its manufacturing sector, following a year of mixed results.

With a target of producing 20% of its electricity using solar energy by 2030,  a series of public and private investments are driving new developments in Qatar’s solar energy sector.