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Report | The Report: Mongolia 2015

Given the significant foreign direct investment needed to achieve its development goals, Mongolia has strong motivation to improve its attractiveness to investors. The government is therefore adjusting its policies, while new laws are expected to gradually reinvigorate foreign investment flows.

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Economic update | Egypt gains momentum in ICT outsourcing

29 May 2015

Egypt has long been a cost-competitive destination for offshore services, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), but a spate of new agreements with a number of large investors has given the ICT sector a further boost, with thousands of potential new jobs in the offing.

Economic update | Philippines’ remittance industry embraces cryptocurrency

29 May 2015

Home to the world’s third-largest remittance market after India and China, the Philippines is witnessing robust growth in the tech industry as the number of remittance payment platforms for the unbanked proliferates.

Economic update | Le Gabon à l’affût de nouveaux investissements dans l’électricité et le gaz

29 May 2015

La production d’électricité fait désormais partie des priorités du Gabon : le pays tente en effet de venir à bout des pénuries dans un contexte de hausse de la demande et l’intérêt affiché récemment par des investisseurs en provenance d’Arabie Saoudite contribue à stimuler la confiance dans le secteur.

Economic update | Abu Dhabi tackles rising substance addiction

29 May 2015

Substance abuse is becoming a growing weight on the economy of Abu Dhabi, as it is across the region. However, increased spending on both prevention and treatment may help reduce the burden and repay the investment into tackling this problem many times over. 

Economic update | New oil finds in Kuwait underscore expansion plans

29 May 2015

The discovery of four new oil fields has drawn fresh attention to Kuwait’s long list of expansion projects, as the country aims to raise output by nearly one-third by 2020.

Economic update | La campagne de promotion du Fabriqué en Algérie passe à la vitesse supérieure

29 May 2015

Confrontée à un ralentissement de son économie, l’Algérie a lancé une opération visant à revitaliser son secteur industriel et à accroitre la productivité agricole en se recentrant sur les produits de fabrication locale.