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Report | The Report: The Philippines 2015

The Philippine economy is gradually on the rise, largely driven by its business process outsourcing, industry and construction sectors. The average pace of growth in the Philippines in the first half of the decade was 6.3%, compared to 6% in Indonesia, 5.8% in Malaysia and Vietnam, and 3.6% in Thailand. 

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Economic update | Un nouveau prêt synonyme de modernisation pour les services de santé gabonais

28 Apr 2015

Un nouveau mécanisme de financement à destination du secteur de santé gabonais et une réforme ambitieuse du système d’assurance maladie devraient permettre au gouvernement de procéder aux améliorations dont les services de santé ont grand besoin, et ce malgré des recettes pétrolières à la baisse.

Articles & Analysis | Sarawak in figures: from The Report: Sarawak 2015

SOURCE: DOSM Cargo through Sarawak ports, 2004-13 (000 tonnes) 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 Rajang Miri Kuching Bintutlu 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 SOURCE: DOSM *through October 2014 Rice production in Sarawak, 2004-13 (tonnes) Rice production in Sarawak, 2004-13 (tonnes) SOURCE: Malaysia...

Articles & Analysis | Rising power: Page 18 from The Report: Sarawak 2015

The economy is still largely centred on hydrocarbons production, although improvements in transport and utility infrastructure have helped give rise to a greater diversity of activities. As smaller firms begin to thrive with government support, there remains some concern about filling the newly created positions. Timber harvesting and agricultural...

Economic update | La agricultura da impulso a las exportaciones del Perú

27 Apr 2015

Impulsados por una creciente demanda global, los productos agrícolas de nicho están mostrando una marcada capacidad de crecimiento en el Perú. Esto es especialmente importante en tiempos en los que las principales exportaciones del país, la minería y los hidrocarburos, se han visto perjudicadas por los bajos precios internacionales.

Economic update | Ghana gets IMF relief before bond issue

27 Apr 2015

A new $918m deal with the IMF should alleviate some of Ghana’s fiscal pressures and help restore investor confidence ahead of a critical bond issue, but further reforms will be needed to balance the budget.

Economic update | Jordan’s tourism industry feels impact of regional volatility

27 Apr 2015

A concerted drive is under way in Jordan to reinvigorate the important tourism sector that has been curtailed by regional instability.