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Oman’s long history of political stability coupled with its favorable international trade agreements and special economic zones has ensured strong growth in economic output and exports in recent years. The fall in global prices is undoubtedly a concern for the sultanate, but the sustained focus on diversification schemes, as well as the country’s ongoing spending commitments on big-ticket projects should ensure steady growth moving forward.

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As smartphones become more commonplace in Indonesia, apps are enjoying a surge in popularity, suggesting that e-commerce – for both goods and services – is filling market voids and strengthening its economic foothold. 

Efforts to promote agricultural self-sufficiency in Papua New Guinea saw a setback in 2015, with droughts and supply chain disruptions impeding sector growth. 

Increasing urbanisation and rising levels of disposable income should fuel growth in Kenya’s retail sector in 2016 and beyond, as demand for quality outlets and a broader range of shopping options drives the construction of floor space. 

With several initial public offerings (IPOs) on the horizon, Oman’s Muscat Securities Market (MSM) is looking to weather global economic volatility by deepening the country’s equity offering. 

Le démarrage en janvier dernier du chantier de la première centrale électrique de Djibouti marque un tournant important dans le projet ambitieux du pays de se procurer 100% de son électricité à partir d’énergies renouvelables d’ici 2020.

Go to any business conference in Africa and it will not be long before someone utters the words “Africa Rising”. The term – which was most memorably plastered on the cover of The Economist in 2011 – has become a catchall for the continent’s recent burst of economic growth...