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Report | The Report: Mongolia 2015

Given the significant foreign direct investment needed to achieve its development goals, Mongolia has strong motivation to improve its attractiveness to investors. The government is therefore adjusting its policies, while new laws are expected to gradually reinvigorate foreign investment flows.

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Economic update | Malaysia steers ASEAN towards economic union

22 May 2015

A summit of the ASEAN group of countries in April, hosted in Malaysia, brought the bloc one step closer to realising plans to launch the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by the start of 2016.

Economic update | Venta de colombiana Isagen seguirá adelante pese a rechazo

22 May 2015

El gobierno colombiano fijó el 19 de mayo como fecha para vender su participación mayoritaria de 57,6% en la generadora de electricidad Isagen, en una subasta que según estimaciones recaudará 5,2 trillones de pesos colombianos (USD 2,18 mil millones). 

Economic update | Ghana secures growth with major port investments

22 May 2015

Several years of rapid hydrocarbons-fuelled growth in Ghana have put increasing pressure on its transport infrastructure, prompting a spate of expansion projects that will increase capacity for bulk and container handling, as well as specialised oilfields services. 

Economic update | Indonesia bourse targets growth despite headwinds

21 May 2015

A visit by President Joko Widodo in April threw a spotlight on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), with the exchange’s benchmark hitting an all-time peak of 5523.29 in the days before the visit. 

Economic update | Kenya aims to work the land harder

21 May 2015

A number of initiatives to improve irrigation and fertiliser supplies are under way in Kenya to boost productivity as the country looks to expand its primary agricultural output to ensure food security and support value-added industries. 

Economic update | Qatar to reduce carbon footprint with major projects

20 May 2015

Extensive investments in gas recovery technology look set to reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint, with newly opened facilities aiming to boost production and earnings whilst minimising wastage.