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Tunisia has been going through a watershed period in its modern history, with the revolution of 2011 bringing much-needed change and reform. While the country has avoided much of the instability of the wider region, it has nonetheless undergone a spell of turbulence, testing the country’s newly found democratic bonds.

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Tras los esfuerzos conjuntos del sector público y privado para diversificar el mix energético panameño, el país está desarrollando una terminal de importación de gas natural licuado (GNL) y una instalación vinculada de generación de energía eléctrica en la provincia de Colón.

A new master plan in Vietnam has mapped out medium-term objectives for investment and development in the power sector to meet the goal of advancing industrial capacity. 

Reducing a reliance on bulk black tea is a key objective for Kenya as it looks to boost revenue from one of its flagship agricultural sectors. 

While the expansion of mobile broadband and fibre-optic networks are driving growth of ICT services in South Africa, additional infrastructure investment will be needed to keep pace with rapidly rising market demand.  

Consolidado ya como el segundo mercado farmacéutico más grande de América Latina, México posee un pujante sector productivo farmacológico, forjado tanto por una fuerte demanda nacional como por sus capacidades en investigación y desarrollo (I+D). 

Multiple billion-dollar deals signed recently between Egypt and Saudi Arabia are part of a push by the latter to invest in long-term developmental projects in the North African country.