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Report | The Report: Gabon 2014

With just 1.63m people, Gabon is the second-smallest member of the six-country Central African Economic and Monetary Community in terms of population, after Equatorial Guinea. However, the country’s well-developed hydrocarbons sector has made Gabon the second-largest economy in the sub-region.

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Articles & Analysis | Developing a niche: A new bourse has the potential to boost liquidity from The Report: Bahrain 2013

For most of the world’s large securities markets, increasing trading volume and value – liquidity – is a priority. In Bahrain, where more activity in securities trading could be a valued complement to the capital markets services and capacities already in place, officials are in the midst of a multi-pronged strategy to make it happen. This includes...

Articles & Analysis | Opportunity-risk ratio: Steadily developing the exchange for long-term returns from The Report: Bahrain 2013

In many respects, Bahrain’s capital markets offer the variety and depth expected for a financial sector of its type. There are two securities exchanges, a local funds industry growing in size and sophistication, and liquidity management tools in the form of government-debt securities, which are issued on a regular basis. In recent years, the kingdom...

Interviews & Viewpoints | Raising awareness: OBG talks to Fouad Rashid, Director, Bahrain Bourse (BHB) from The Report: Bahrain 2013

What are the key market trends for the next 18 months, and what other developments look likely?

Chapter | Capital Markets. from The Report: Bahrain 2013

Efforts to boost trading in Bahrain have been focused on corporate structuring, through a plan that includes overhauled regulation and a restructuring of the Bahrain Bourse to allow it to act with greater speed and flexibility. Initial public offerings are set to increase as moves toward privatisation continue, while small and medium-sized enterprises are on course to benefit from new listing...

Economic update | Signs of rebound in Egypt’s tourism sector

17 Oct 2014

The government in Egypt is expecting a recovery of its tourism sector by next year after the latest data showed the tide may be turning for an industry that has been hit hard by domestic instability over the past three years.

Economic update | Nigeria’s retail sector set to ring up sales

16 Oct 2014

With a huge consumer market, growing economy and increasingly urbanised population base, Nigeria represents one of the biggest opportunities for the retail sector in Africa. However lingering concerns over select risk factors, including tariffs imposed on the industry, may affect investment in the near to medium term.