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Report | The Report: Kenya 2014

As East Africa’s largest economy, Kenya has seen its economy grow by more than 4% for the last three years, according to data from the World Bank, while an improvement in fiscal indicators and a new constitution encouraging devolution have helped to improve governance and the public balance sheet. 

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Economic update | The Philippines nickel heats up with Chinese demand

28 Nov 2014

Unprecedented levels of Chinese demand for nickel ore has created a sizeable market opening for the Philippines to expand nickel exports, prompting the country to re-examine the underdeveloped minerals industry and maximise output amid a dearth of supplies in the region. 

Economic update | Housing drive puts Kenya construction on growth path

27 Nov 2014

Major investments in housing and infrastructure have set Kenya’s construction industry, which accounts for 4% of GDP, on course for sizeable expansion in the near term. 

Economic update | Abu Dhabi invests in logistics

27 Nov 2014

Growing levels of international trade, both inbound and outbound, and a rising demand for trans-shipment services will drive expansion in Abu Dhabi’s logistics sector, with much of this activity taking place around its docks.

Economic update | Mongolian insurance sector set to consolidate

26 Nov 2014

The insurance sector in Mongolia is heading for consolidation with higher capital requirements likely to squeeze out smaller operators in a crowded market. However larger firms can look forward to solid growth prospects as penetration rates remain low and product awareness is on the rise.

Economic update | Megaproyecto para aeropuerto da soplo de aire fresco a economía mexicana

25 Nov 2014

Las empresas privadas de infraestructura y construcción en América Latina están tratando de hacerse con un pedazo de la torta del recientemente anunciado proyecto de 9,100 millones de dólares para construir uno de los mayores aeropuertos del mundo en Ciudad de México. 

Economic update | South African land reform may slow as economy cools

25 Nov 2014

A plan to reform South Africa’s current land ownership structure is being reconsidered by the government, in a bid to find a bigger consensus that will encourage greater participation by black commercial farmers.