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With renewed backing from international lenders, Mongolia is moving ahead with plans to broaden its logistics base and improve access to export markets, with a raft of transport infrastructure projects shifting into gear.

Mongolia’s remote regions are beginning to feel the benefits of public and private initiatives aimed at attracting investment and promoting rural development in a bid to tackle rising levels of urbanisation and imbalances in regional wealth.

Backed by international support, Mongolia is rolling out advanced ICT programmes to support the provision of government services, improving accountability and access to data. 

An improving investment climate, supported by a raft of transport infrastructure upgrades, should help to boost Mongolia’s tourism sector this year, with the upper end of the market set to enjoy above-average growth.


As is the case in many developing markets, insurance inclusiveness is becoming an area of interest in Mongolia. After years of pilots, experiments and one-off commercial efforts – and some notable successes – momentum is building and micro-insurance is set to go from a concept to a business. Considerable institutional and regulatory support is...

Foreign investors that are looking to engage in business in Mongolia must be aware of the local tax code and regulations. The following provides an overview of the common concerns and questions facing those who engage in business in the country and are attracted to the wide range of opportunities afforded by Mongolia’s rich mineral resources.