Economic Updates: Turkey

Turkey: Business as usual with Iran

Turkey | 5 Nov 2010
Turkey: Business as usual with Iran

While this year has seen several stories in the Western media about Turkey's "turn east", the country’s efforts to maintain positive trade relations with Iran despite recent sanctions on its nuclear programme are likely more pragmatic than political.

Turkey: Bonding experience

Turkey | 9 Jul 2010

Turkey is currently enjoying lower borrowing costs and benefitting from a stable domestic financial sector, which showed itself to be far more resilient to the external shocks than in the past. Although Turkish bonds are seeing an increase in investment demand, risk aversion continues to be the main theme in the markets.

Steady Growth Predicted

Turkey | 2 Jun 2010

Turkey's economy is well on the way to erasing memories of recession, posting solid growth from late 2009 onwards, though recent woes in neighbouring Greece and beyond will have many in Ankara casting a wary sidelong glance towards the West.

A Year In Review 2009

Turkey | 12 Jan 2010

Though the Turkish economy slid into recession, in part due to the steep decline in overseas trade and a falling off in domestic demand, there was no financial collapse as occurred during the downturn of 2001, with the banking sector not only surviving but prospering and the stock market riding a wave of growing activity.

Learning Curve

Turkey | 2 Nov 2009

Though there have been marked improvements across Turkey's educational infrastructure, the system needs further investment and development to meet the growing demands being placed upon it by the market.

Insured Growth

Turkey | 3 Sep 2009

Having gone through a period of consolidation and foreign investment, with many of the industry's leading firms taking on overseas partners, and having apparently ridden out the worst of the global financial crisis, Turkey's insurance sector appears to be again gaining momentum.

Economy Under Pressure

Turkey | 2 Jul 2009

Turkey's economy is still dealing with the effects of the global recession, having seen export markets dry up and domestic demand weaken, though it has avoided a repeat of large-scale financial meltdowns of the past and is expected to return to growth in 2010.