Economic Updates: Bulgaria

The Feeling is Mutual

Bulgaria | 12 Oct 2007

As mutual funds grow in popularity among Bulgarian retail investors, so do the options available to them.

Leading Tax Reformer

Bulgaria | 5 Oct 2007

Two separate World Bank reports recently gave the Bulgarian government and business community ample food for thought.

Motoring On

Bulgaria | 1 Oct 2007

On September 22 over a hundred cyclists congregated in front of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral to celebrate European Mobility Week but the message of the initiative, to find alternatives to automotive transport, seems lost on the majority of Bulgarians.

Growing Current Account Deficit

Bulgaria | 24 Sep 2007

In a country where GDP is growing at a steady 6%, FDI is growing and external debt is falling, Bulgaria's rapidly increasing current account deficit appears to be a black spot on the government's otherwise impressive mid-year economic results.

Making Tracks

Bulgaria | 14 Sep 2007

The recent signing of major contracts for railway infrastructure upgrade programmes is a key step in Bulgaria's plans to be a transport hub for Southeastern Europe.

Support for Agriculture

Bulgaria | 11 Sep 2007

The EU is expected to provide billions of euros for the development of Bulgarian agriculture over the next six years.

The Low-Flat Option

Bulgaria | 29 Aug 2007

In the last week of July the Bulgarian government announced plans to introduce a flat tax on personal income.