Economic Updates: Bulgaria

Optimism and Caution

Bulgaria | 14 Apr 2008

Bulgaria's government is expecting inflation to drop significantly this year as supply shocks ease, after a worrying rise at the beginning of 2008.

Kosovo Implications

Bulgaria | 28 Mar 2008

Anger in Serbia and Bulgaria in the aftermath of Sofia's recognition of Kosovo's independence from Belgrade will not be allowed to blow economic relations off course, authorities on both sides of the border have asserted.

EU Funds on Hold

Bulgaria | 18 Mar 2008

The European Commission (EC) has decided to suspend some farm aid payments to new EU member Bulgaria over suspected fraud, for the first time since the country joined the bloc in January 2007.

Funding Agricultural Consolidation

Bulgaria | 29 Feb 2008

What started off as challenge in land consolidation is fast becoming an attractive financial investment.

Taking it to the WiMax

Bulgaria | 15 Feb 2008

The rollout of Bulgaria's most comprehensive WiMax network to date is a boost to businesses looking for greater media convergence, and could be the key to offering internet services to previously disconnected rural areas.

Sale of Kremikovtzi Delayed

Bulgaria | 12 Feb 2008

What looked like a soon-to-be-signed deal for the sale of Bulgaria's biggest steel maker, Kremikovtzi, has become a drawn out affair.

Residential Property Rise

Bulgaria | 31 Jan 2008

Bulgarian residential property prices continued to rise in 2007, confirming the trend that began more than five years ago.