Economic Updates: Bulgaria

Nuclear Plants Debated as Energy Links Strengthen

Bulgaria | 16 Jul 2003

With the recent announcement that Bulgaria expected to close the environment chapter of its accession negotiations with the European Union, the country edged closer still towards eventual EU membership. Meanwhile though, an old environmental issue appeared to resurface in the shape of the Kozlodui nuclear plant, with the announcement that the company maintaining it had been sold off. The issue highlighted Bulgaria's ongoing debate on nuclear power, and its role as a regional energy conduit.

Plenty in the Pipeline for Foreign Investment

Bulgaria | 30 Jun 2003

Foreign interest in the Bulgarian economy became something of a theme this week, as US companies were reported to be taking a strong interest in the projected Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline. Meanwhile, a large consortium of US companies and interests was also in talks with Turkey's Koc Holding over a possible bid for the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC).