Economic Updates: Bulgaria

First European Elections

Bulgaria | 26 Apr 2007

With a month to go until Bulgaria elects 18 Members of the European Parliament for the first time, campaigning has stepped up a gear, with the ruling socialists announcing bold plans for the budget and a new party led by the mayor of Sofia expected to perform strongly.

Attractive Real Estate Market

Bulgaria | 16 Apr 2007

EU membership has increased the confidence of foreign investors in the country's real estate sector across the board and a wider range of nationalities are expected to invest in the country in coming years.

Ambitious Banks

Bulgaria | 11 Apr 2007

Bulgaria's banks recently published their 2006 results and strategies for the next two years, with figures showing a fast-growing and competitive market.

Varna Taking Centre Stage

Bulgaria | 4 Apr 2007

Bulgaria's Black Sea port city of Varna is a transport nexus and the home of some of Bulgaria's largest industries.

Brighter Insurance Future

Bulgaria | 23 Mar 2007

The annual results of Bulgaria's insurance companies indicate a rapidly growing market.

Healthcare Reform

Bulgaria | 16 Mar 2007

Following a no confidence vote filed by right-wing opposition parties on the grounds of a poor health care policy and a lack of revenues, the government has agreed to increase wages and reform the sector.

The European Convergence Programme

Bulgaria | 9 Mar 2007

The Bulgarian government was warned last week by the European Commission that it should tighten its fiscal policy to promote economic stability and offset external imbalances.