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Economic Update | Cruise ship arrivals spur tourism growth in Trinidad and Tobago

31 Oct 2017
Trinidad and Tobago tourism
Trinidad and Tobago has received a boost in its efforts to expand tourism, with the number of cruise ships visiting the country expected to increase by 50% in the near term.

Economic Update | International partnership to boost vocational education and training in Abu Dhabi

31 Oct 2017
Abu Dhabi vocational training
Abu Dhabi has moved to strengthen its growing vocational education and training sector, linking with an international risk management partner to improve the emirate’s occupational health and safety...

Economic Update | Small firms the focus as Nigeria launches action plan to improve business conditions

31 Oct 2017
Nigeria business environment
Nigeria is moving forward with strategies to improve the business and investment environment in the country following the launch of a new package of reforms designed to support small businesses and...

Economic Update | Promising signs for Sharjah’s real estate sector

31 Oct 2017
Sharjah real estate
Strong demand and a substantial development pipeline are supporting activity in Sharjah’s property market, with year-on-year (y-o-y) sales up by almost half in the first six months of 2017, according...

Economic Update | South African real estate market sees home prices fall and growing appetite for apartment living

30 Oct 2017
South Africa real estate
While South Africa’s economy has emerged from recession and is showing signs of sustained growth, that has yet to feed into the property market, meaning residential sales and new construction will...

Economic Update | Tanzania takes steps to facilitate access to education

30 Oct 2017
Tanzania education
Initiatives to extend finance to students at university and expand access to ICT are helping to strengthen Tanzania’s education system.