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Economic Update | Kenya to expand health care access, affordability through technology

6 Oct 2016
Kenya health
Authorities in Kenya are turning to technology to help improve access to health care in the country’s more remote areas, where close to three-quarters of the population lives.

Economic View | Mark Bedingham, CEO and President, Singapore Myanmar Investco

4 Oct 2016
Mark Bedingham
How would you compare the appetite of foreign investors interested in Myanmar before and after the 2015 elections?

Economic View | Mustain Sjadzali, President Director, Citra Panji Manunggal, on investment opportunities in the energy sector for foreign firms

4 Oct 2016
Mustain Sjadzali
What remains to be developed to achieve pipeline interconnectivity in Indonesia?

Economic View | Juan Carlos Mora, President, Bancolombia, on shaping a healthy recovery

4 Oct 2016
Juan Carlos Mora
To what extent has the banking sector been able to absorb the shocks and risks associated with Colombia’s economic slowdown? What threats is the sector currently facing?  

Economic Update | Philippines to fast-track major transport projects

30 Sep 2016
Philippines transport
Government authorities are looking to ease traffic congestion and boost the Philippines’ ageing infrastructure by increasing government funding and streamlining the approval process for transport...

Economic Update | 10 nuevos centros comerciales en 18 meses para impulsar el comercio minorista en el Perú

30 Sep 2016
Peru retail
El crecimiento en centros comerciales en el Perú, que ha sido impulsado por el consumo, sigue siendo fuerte. Los minoristas impulsarán la inversión en la construcción de centros comerciales y en su...