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    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | Algérie : hausse des investissements dans les hydrocarbures en amont

8 May 2017
L’Algérie est en quête d’investisseurs étrangers pour son secteur des hydrocarbures par l’assouplissement des clauses contractuelles et l’intensification de l’exploration.  

Economic View | Hadji Baba Ammi, Minister of Finance, on governmental efforts to boost the national economy

8 May 2017
Hadji Baba Ammi
What actions have been taken by the ministry to help diversify the economy?

Economic View | Mohamed Jaidah, Group Executive Director, Jaidah Group, on private sector development and greater efficiency

3 May 2017
Mohamed Jaidah
What do you identify as the most promising business opportunities for the private sector given the decrease in public spending?

Economic Update | Efforts to foster sustainable rice production gain traction

28 Apr 2017
Nigeria Agriculture
Nigeria has long relied on imports to help supply its significant rice demand; however, efforts to support small-scale famers through training and improved access to credit are expected to boost...

Economic Update | Nuevas técnicas de exploración y recuperación en el sector energético colombiano

28 Apr 2017
Colombia Energy
El incremento de las exploraciones y el despliegue de tecnologías de recuperación mejorada de petróleo (EOR, por sus siglas en inglés) en los campos petrolíferos más envejecidos para impulsar su...

Economic Update | Compulsory insurance lines to underpin sector growth in Saudi Arabia

28 Apr 2017
Saudi Arabia Insurance
A government push to enforce stronger uptake of compulsory health and automotive coverage could generate substantial new business in Saudi Arabia’s insurance sector, deepening the industry’s premium...