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Economic Update | Egypt seeks to boost foreign direct investment

4 Aug 2016
Egypt FDI

The government’s drive to boost foreign capital flows has moved forward with the launch of a new foreign direct investment (FDI) council, although there is still room for further improvements.

Economic Update | Kenya’s insurance sector set to consolidate

3 Aug 2016
Kenya insurance

An expanding middle class, anchored by a young population, is set to support growth in Kenya’s insurance sector, although a regulatory overhaul is likely to increase consolidation pressure in the near term.

Economic Update | Incrementan las inversiones en el sector aeroespacial de México

1 Aug 2016
Mexico aerospace

Siendo poseedor del mayor número de tratados de libre comercio en el mundo y contando con un mercado competitivo para operar, México ha logrado posicionarse en el primer lugar de la lista de destinos globales para la inversión directa extranjera (IDE) en el sector aeroespacial.

Economic Update | Ghana’s expanding capital markets offering

31 Jul 2016
Ghana cap markets

Plans to launch a commodities exchange and begin trading derivatives should help strengthen links between Ghana’s capital markets and the agriculture sector, to the benefit of local producers.

Economic Update | Omar Alfardan, President and CEO, Alfardan Group, on developments in Qatar’s real estate and tourism sectors

31 Jul 2016
Omar Alfardan

Omar Alfardan: It is important to develop a wide range of hotels that will address the unique needs of various travelers; having projects in all segments will attract a more diverse selection of travelers who have particular needs in terms of facilities and budget. 

Economic Update | L’Algérie cherche la croissance du côté du tourisme

30 Jul 2016
Algeria tourism

Les autorités algériennes ont annoncé récemment une révision des conditions d’obtention des visas en vue d’accroître le nombre de visiteurs, une initiative qui s’inscrit dans le cadre d’une politique plus vaste visant à stimuler la croissance dans le secteur du tourisme et à diversifier l’économie.