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Economic Update | Kuwait’s drive toward fuel subsidy rationalisation

20 Sep 2016
Kuwait fuel
The government’s recent decision to make cuts to Kuwait’s petrol subsidy system is expected to boost state coffers amid low global oil prices, despite some push-back from organised labour.

Economic Update | Brunei Darussalam looks to sustain agricultural growth

20 Sep 2016
Brunei agro
Rising productivity and higher output from the processing segment is keeping Brunei Darussalam’s agriculture sector on track to meet the government’s medium- and long-term goals.

Economic Update | Growth prospects for Sri Lanka’s tea industry

19 Sep 2016
Sri Lanka agro
Adverse weather conditions, combined with rising costs and greater competition, threaten to weaken Sri Lanka’s position in the global tea industry, though efforts to develop new markets could help...

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago to revamp telecoms sector

19 Sep 2016
T&T telecoms
Government initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago’s telecoms sector aim to strengthen the market by bringing new players into the mobile segment and creating plans to develop broadband infrastructure.

Economic View | John Riady, Executive Director, Lippo Group, on Indonesia’s efforts to boost the economic role of ICT

15 Sep 2016
John Riady
John Riady: Indonesia is on the cusp of a digital revolution. This is important because a country like the US has been through five digital cycles, while China has arguably seen two. In Indonesia...

Economic Update | Upturn in Mongolia offers hope of rebound

13 Sep 2016
Mongolia mining
Rising debt levels and a cooling economy are among the challenges facing Mongolia’s new government; however, signs of modest recovery are apparent in some sectors of the resource-rich nation.