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Economic Update | Avanzan las reformas en la educación terciaria de Perú

28 Apr 2017
Peru education
La legislación, destinada a mejorar la calidad de la educación en las universidades peruanas y a asegurar que las instituciones cumplan con las normas internacionales, empieza a dar resultados.

Economic Update | El sector público y el privado impulsan la manufactura en el Estado mexicano de Nuevo León

28 Apr 2017
Mexico Industry
La promoción activa del comercio exterior y los vínculos más cercanos entre la industria, la academia y el gobierno, debería ayudar a acelerar la nueva ola de avances industriales en el Estado...

Economic Update | Thailand sharpens focus on alternative energy

28 Apr 2017
Thailand Energy
On the back of improved technology and lower costs, the government in Thailand could soon boost the renewable energy segment further by revising upwards the long-term target for its contribution to...

Economic Update | Kenya eyes major port expansion

28 Apr 2017
Kenya Trade
A funding boost from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for feasibility studies on Kenya’s Lamu Port development will help advance a key component of the country’s proposed multi-billion-dollar lo

Economic Update | Ghana lays foundations for tourism growth

28 Apr 2017
Ghana tourism
As Ghana looks to diversify its sources of foreign exchange, it has aggressive plans to expand its tourism capacity, with an ambitious proposal for coastline development on the table and an expansion...

Economic Update | Vietnam to facilitate SME growth through financing and tax incentives

26 Apr 2017
Vietnam SME
Increased access to funding and new legislation are among the measures being rolled out by the Vietnamese government to support the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).