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Economic Update | Philippines: Real estate loans rising

2 Nov 2012
A surge in bank lending to the Philippines’ real estate sector is indicative of the market’s potential in a favourable environment of low interest rates and strong economic growth. The central bank...

Economic Update | The Philippines: Breaking new ground in agriculture

18 Oct 2012
The signing of a peace agreement between the Philippines government and separatist rebels on the island of Mindanao may result in significant social and economic benefits, including a much-needed...

Economic Update | Philippines: Economy motors ahead

25 Sep 2012
Growth in the Philippines is expected to continue at a steady clip over the next two years, spurred by proactive government and central bank measures to improve governance and boost macroeconomic...

Economic Update | The Philippines: Automotive sector changing gears

24 Aug 2012
While the automotive segment has been boosted by a solid rise in sales, driven by increased economic growth and consumer spending power, there is rising uncertainty over the long-term viability of...

Economic Update | The Philippines: Mobile market growth

10 Aug 2012
With mobile phone penetration rates reaching saturation point in the Philippines, there is room for expansion through the promotion of new services and internet usage, according to a recent report...

Economic Update | The Philippines: Regulations in mining

16 Jul 2012
A new mining policy in the Philippines is intended to bring greater regulatory clarity to the sector and is an important step towards unfreezing the current hiatus in an industry that has huge...