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Economic Update | The Philippines: Banking on tourism

13 Jan 2012

With 2011 having seen a spike in visitor arrivals, the Philippines’ tourism sector is moving ahead with plans to become a major engine for the country’s economic growth.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Balancing act

5 Jan 2012

A $1.66bn stimulus plan announced earlier this autumn is expected to stimulate domestic demand in the Philippines as effects from the ongoing global economic turbulence continue to impact the country’s economy. The programme is designed to make up for government underspending that many claim has led to lower-than-expected growth in the first half of 2011, but ensuring that the money is spent in a timely and efficient manner may be a challenge.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Economy slowing but steady

20 Dec 2011

The Philippines’ economy appears to be slowing, with most analysts revising the country’s growth predictions as weakening demand in global markets undermines its export trade. However, given the Philippines’ sound fiscal reserves, there are few concerns that economic expansion will actually stall.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Agriculture going greener

6 Dec 2011

The Philippines is looking to encourage the development of organic farming, seen as a niche agriculture sector ripe with opportunity for the country. With the proper support, organic farming could work to boost high-value agricultural exports as well as incomes in the agriculture sector, which currently employs more than 30% of the nation’s labour force.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Insuring a brighter future

28 Nov 2011

There are signs that the Philippines insurance industry may be heading towards a period of solid growth, with both the state and the private sector stepping up efforts to encourage the public to embrace insurance as a way of life. It will be some time, however, before the domestic market will be able to rival that of most of its neighbours.

Economic Update | The Philippines: ICT Agenda

9 Nov 2011

The Philippines is very gradually edging closer to the establishment of a dedicated government department charged with promoting and supporting the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, though it would take some time before the new agency can achieve its supporters’ lofty ambitions.