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Economic Update | Papua New Guinea banks on inclusion

11 Aug 2016
PNG financial inclusion

Access to improved communications technology and greater awareness of banking services is helping to boost financial inclusion in Papua New Guinea while providing opportunities to service providers looking to tap into a broader market.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea’s internet is gaining speed

15 Jul 2016

Increased investments in telecommunications infrastructure are set to improve Papua New Guinea’s internet capacity, extending coverage across the country and paving the way to roll out 4G LTE services.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea mining looks to future gains

15 Jun 2016
PNG Mining

The mining sector in Papua New Guinea is showing signs of an uptick after operations resumed at one of the country’s largest mines, with new and ongoing projects set to inject much-needed foreign exchange and employment into the economy.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea expands LNG potential

15 May 2016

A new wave of investments in Papua New Guinea’s energy sector could see some $19bn of projects launched in the coming years, boosting the country’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) output and providing employment to thousands. 

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea pushes for SME growth

14 Apr 2016

The government of Papua New Guinea has rolled out a new plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by improving access to finance and training.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea’s economy faces liquidity crunch

16 Mar 2016
PNG econ

Papua New Guinea will be looking for non-resource growth to steer the economy forward in 2016, as the government steps up efforts to return the budget to a surplus by 2020.