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Economic Update | Qatar poised to benefit from growth in GTL market

17 Nov 2013
With plentiful supplies of natural gas, Qatar has over the years looked for alternatives to its liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, from investments in industrial facilities to value-added...

Economic Update | Qatar invests in human capital

24 Oct 2013
A combination of far-reaching reforms, major government investment and cross-border partnerships has paved the way for Qatar to begin developing a more competitive education sector, but ensuring...

Economic Update | Qatar invests in utilities locally and abroad

16 Oct 2013
As one of the world’s largest consumers of water and electricity on a per capita basis, Qatar is looking to reduce its utilities usage. However, with the demand for water likely to outstrip supply in...

Economic Update | Qatar’s real estate market supported by population growth

16 Sep 2013
Demand for residential and retail real estate in Qatar remains strong, largely as a result of demand outstripping supply. However, over the longer term, new space – particularly in retail – is set to...

Economic Update | Managing rising levels of solid waste in Qatar

26 Aug 2013
A by-product of rapid economic growth, the volume of solid waste generated by Qatar has been increasing steadily in recent years. While the government is looking to reduce this output by encouraging...

Economic Update | Qatar: Central bank imposes new rules on lenders

23 Jul 2013
New regulations introduced by the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) in mid-June will curb local banks’ investment options, potentially making sovereign bonds more appealing at the expense of some private...