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Economic Update | Bright start for Qatar’s stock market

23 Mar 2014
Following a year of modest growth, activity on the Qatar Exchange (QE) shifted up a gear in early 2014, with its benchmark index, the QE Index, exceeding 10,000 points for the first time in more than...

Economic Update | Qatar steps up support for SMEs

19 Feb 2014
A drive aimed at encouraging Qatar’s citizens to set up in business is gaining pace, as the government moves to increase the private sector’s contribution to the national economy through regulatory...

Economic Update | Qatar’s Islamic banks continue on growth path

12 Feb 2014
Islamic banks in Qatar are gaining strength, with sharia-compliant lenders outperforming their conventional counterparts in many areas during 2013, despite the confines of an increasingly competitive...

Economic Update | Qatar Year in Review 2013

15 Jan 2014
Growth outpaced expectations in Qatar this past year, while 2014 is widely expected to see an uptick in economic activity, as the non-energy sector further expands on the back of high levels of...

Economic Update | Qatar’s insurers call for larger role in new health system

1 Dec 2013
Health services in Qatar are in the midst of transition, with a new national health insurance scheme progressively being implemented. While government officials maintain the system will improve...

Economic Update | Qatar poised to benefit from growth in GTL market

17 Nov 2013
With plentiful supplies of natural gas, Qatar has over the years looked for alternatives to its liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, from investments in industrial facilities to value-added...