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Economic Update | Kuwait: Health care privatisation moves ahead

2 Aug 2013
Ambitious plans to privatise segments of Kuwait’s health care services are gaining momentum as the government makes a two-fold bid to reduce waiting times at state hospitals and attract new...

Economic Update | Kuwait: Room for growth in insurance

18 Jul 2013
Despite new state investments in infrastructure and a steadily rising population, the insurance sector in Kuwait is expected to grow more slowly than elsewhere in the Gulf.

Economic Update | Kuwait: New renewable energy project in the works

3 Jul 2013
Despite holding substantial oil reserves, Kuwait is stepping up its efforts to develop alternative sources of energy. In mid-June the government announced it was inviting bids for the construction of...

Economic Update | Kuwait: Calls for ICT to reconnect

18 Jun 2013
Limited uptake of new technology has had an impact on economic development in Kuwait, according to a recent report.

Economic Update | Kuwait: Upward trajectory for KSE

4 Jun 2013
The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) had a positive start to 2013, with the index steadily moving up to reach multi-year highs in May. While local investors are driving much of the recent activity,...

Economic Update | Kuwait: Joining the shale rush

24 May 2013
Kuwait has announced it is conducting studies into the viability of extracting shale gas from recently identified reserves, although any commercial operation will likely be many years off.