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Economic Update | Turkey: New steps forward

19 Oct 2012

Having issued two highly anticipated Islamic bonds (sukuk) recently and boasting continuing expansion in the conventional banking segment, Turkey looks set to maintain its current growth trend in financial services. However, there is still some cause for concern, with one sukuk not performing as well as expected and the economy likely to miss its target of 4% growth for 2012.

Economic Update | Turkey: Prospects in pharmaceuticals

26 Sep 2012

Home to Europe’s seventh-largest pharmaceuticals sector and 16th largest worldwide, Turkey is aiming to continue expanding the industry as it welcomes the addition of new firms and investors. While a number of international companies have already set up shop in the country and several more are planning to follow suit, challenges remain for foreign entities, such as government pricing regulations and auditing demands.

Economic Update | Turkey: Investing in Iraq

7 Sep 2012

Helping to lead the way in a number of burgeoning Iraqi industries, Turkish firms from the energy extraction, commerce and construction sectors are investing and expanding in Iraq. And though recent events have put a bit of strain on the relationship, Turkey remains the country’s largest trading partner, as demonstrated by Turkish exports nearly tripling since 2007.

Economic Update | Turkey: Meeting energy demands

27 Jul 2012

Faced with rising energy consumption, Turkey’s government has moved to meet growing demand by sealing a key gas pipeline deal with neighbouring Azerbaijan and stepping up efforts to diversify its power sources away from hydrocarbons imports.

Economic Update | Turkey: Expanding in retail

28 Jun 2012

As Turkey wraps up the 2012 Istanbul Shopping Fest, all eyes are on the country’s retail sector, which has earned the distinction of being the nation’s largest employer. While the festival was, at least in part, designed to draw in foreign visitors, the domestic market has seen plenty of growth as well, especially in rapidly developing segments like e-commerce.

Economic Update | Turkey: Looking east in tourism

4 Jun 2012

Long-regarded as an affordable getaway for European tourists seeking the sun in the coastal resorts of Antalya, Bodrum or Marmaris, Turkey is starting to draw rising numbers of visitors from the Middle East region.