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    Economic News Updates

    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | L’Algérie continue de soutenir les programmes de logement

29 Sep 2015
Algeria housing

Malgré la chute des prix du pétrole et du gaz, le gouvernement algérien a promis de continuer à soutenir ses programmes sociaux dans des domaines clés tels que le logement, alors même qu’il annonçait fin août de nouvelles réductions de dépenses.

Economic Update | Oman targets sustainable education

29 Sep 2015
Oman edu

More than half a million students started the academic year on August 23 at some 1077 public school around Oman, with 5% more students enrolling than the previous year. 

Economic Update | De solides perspectives pour le commerce de détail gabonais

29 Sep 2015
Gabon retail

Bien que le Gabon ne compte que 2 millions d’habitants, de hauts niveaux de revenu et une population urbaine concentrée ont propulsé le pays au sommet de l’Indice de Développement du Commerce de Détail en Afrique (ARDI) publié par A.T. Kearney pour l’année 2015.

Economic Update | Upgrading Malaysia’s construction sector

29 Sep 2015
Malaysia construction

Short to medium-term prospects for Malaysia’s construction sector remain promising, with state and private sector spending on the rise as the government launches initiatives to spur industry growth. 

Economic Update | Cautious optimism for Bahrain’s banks

29 Sep 2015
Bahrain banking

Thanks to robust non-oil sector growth and ongoing regional investment in infrastructure development, Bahrain’s banks are proving more resilient than expected during this period of lower oil prices.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka to see oversupply in the luxury property market

28 Sep 2015
Sri Lanka real estate

Supply is set to overtake demand at the high end of Sri Lanka’s residential property market, with a series of large-scale projects under way in and around Colombo.