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    Economic News Updates

    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | Changing times for Bahrain’s takaful industry

20 Mar 2015
Bahrain insurance

A new regulatory framework governing Bahrain’s sharia-compliant insurance, or takaful, sector is expected to play a key role in generating new growth across the segment by attracting more players to the market as well as boosting competition among operators.

Economic Update | Health window left ajar for Qatari insurers

19 Mar 2015
Qatar insurance

A decision to defer extending a comprehensive state health insurance scheme to the expatriate community in Qatar means that private insurance companies will be able to tap into the segment for at least another 18 months. 

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea boosts power supply

18 Mar 2015
PNG electricity

Public and private sector efforts are under way to increase Port Moresby’s electricity supply ahead of the Pacific Games in July, as the Papua New Guinea government tries to allay fears that the major sporting event could be disrupted by blackouts. 

Economic Update | Kuwait eyes investment surge

18 Mar 2015
Kuwait investment

Long in the offing, a new FDI law, which aims to improve Kuwait’s business climate and reduce obstacles to market entry, is set to play a key role in underpinning investment growth. 

Economic Update | Panorama positivo para el sector constructor de Panamá

16 Mar 2015
Panama construction

Un programa nacional para construir viviendas y lanzar proyectos públicos podría impulsar el sector constructor de Panamá hacia un fuerte crecimiento en 2015.

Economic Update | Sales continue to surge at Dubai’s mega-malls

13 Mar 2015
Dubai retail

Dubai’s famous mega-malls are doing brisk trade, with the companies behind the emirate’s two biggest shopping centres reporting double-digit revenue growth in 2014. Additionally, plans for further expansion are also in the works.