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    Economic News Updates

    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | Le Gabon sème les graines de la croissance agricole

29 Jan 2015
Gabon agriculture

Le Gabon a lancé en décembre un nouveau programme agricole ambitieux visant à accroître la production des cultures de base, une démarche qui s’inscrit dans un projet politique plus vaste de ce pays très urbanisé d’Afrique de l’Ouest, qui redouble d’efforts pour atteindre l’autosuffisance alimentaire et réduire ses coûts d’importation.

Economic Update | Turkey Year in Review 2014

29 Jan 2015

For a regular star-performer among emerging markets, the Turkish economy had a modest year in 2014, with the rate of growth easing and the lira tumbling, though exporters managed to post record earnings despite weaker demand from some key markets. 

Economic Update | Thailand Year in Review 2014

29 Jan 2015

A slowing of domestic and overseas demand, combined with uncertainty over Thailand’s political direction, cooled the economy in 2014, with most forecasts for this year indicating growth will remain subdued. 

Economic Update | South Africa Year in Review 2014

27 Jan 2015
South Africa

Lower oil prices and a rise in domestic demand could fuel a modest rebound for South Africa’s economy in 2015 after power supply and labour disruptions slowed growth last year.

Economic Update | Mongolia Year in Review 2014

26 Jan 2015

Falling mineral prices and a tapering of foreign investment resulted in slower economic growth in Mongolia in 2014. 

Economic Update | Malaysia gearing up for auto growth

26 Jan 2015
Malaysia auto

Automotive sales are set to accelerate in Malaysia this year with increased investment in production and greater emphasis on fuel-efficient vehicles, though a number of adverse factors such as a new goods and services tax (GST) as well as the strengthening US dollar may weigh on demand.