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    Economic News Updates

    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | Qatar to reduce carbon footprint with major projects

20 May 2015
Qatar LNG

Extensive investments in gas recovery technology look set to reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint, with newly opened facilities aiming to boost production and earnings whilst minimising wastage. 

Economic Update | South African tourism sector pulling through challenges

20 May 2015
SA tourism

Improved competitiveness and significant government support have strengthened South Africa’s claim to be the leading sub-Saharan tourism destination, though new visa regulations and fallout from anti-immigrant protests could affect its appeal in the short term. 

Economic Update | Thai banks’ loan growth set to outpace economy

20 May 2015
Thailand bank

A gradual increase in economic activity and demand for credit should support both loans and earnings in the Thai banking sector, although a shift away from consumer lending is likely to continue and low interest rates may prompt banks to tap into other revenue streams.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka’s tourism sector outperforms broader economy

19 May 2015
Sri Lanka tourism

A steep rise in visitor numbers to Sri Lanka is driving growth in the country’s tourism industry, though a slowdown in the Chinese economy and problems in Russia could take the edge off the surge of arrivals later in the year.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea to ramp up SME growth

18 May 2015

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are to receive new incentives in Papua New Guinea, as the government aims for a 10-fold increase in the number of such businesses, from 50,000 to 500,000, and a five-fold increase in the segment’s contribution to GDP, from 10% to 50%. 

Economic Update | Dubai considers electric car solutions

15 May 2015
Dubai electric car

Electric vehicles may be set to become a more familiar sight on the streets of Dubai. The emirate has one of the world’s highest car ownership ratios and the authorities are expanding the infrastructure for battery-run cars and introducing new incentives to encourage people to switch to more environmentally-friendly options.