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    Economic News Updates

    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | Jordan targets ICT growth

23 Nov 2014
Jordan ICT

A drive to attract new investment for Jordan’s ICT sector is gaining ground, as the country moves to strengthen support structures for start-ups and encourage greater private sector participation.

Economic Update | Call for incentives as Indonesia aims high in textiles

23 Nov 2014
Indonesia textiles

The textiles industry in Indonesia is growing steadily, nudging Jakarta closer to its long-term goal of rivalling China as a global leader in garment exports. However, sector players say stronger trade pacts are needed as well as more investment to maintain a competitive edge in the regional and international marketplace.

Economic Update | Qatar bets on Asia in petrochemicals expansion

21 Nov 2014
Qatar petrochemicals

Asia remains a key driver of growth for Qatar’s petrochemicals sector, with demand from the region fuelling investment and expansion projects. However, the long-term outlook is less certain after the cancellation of the $6bn Al Sejeel petrochemicals plant, one of the megaprojects targeted to come on line by the end of the decade.  

Economic Update | Maroc : Les financements étrangers donnent un coup de pouce aux projets énergétiques

21 Nov 2014
Morocco electricity

Cet automne, le gouvernement du Maroc est parvenu à obtenir une enveloppe de 3.4 milliards de dollars auprès d’investisseurs étrangers afin de financer d’ambitieux projets énergétiques. Ces derniers visent à la fois à satisfaire la demande croissante en électricité au sein du royaume et à exporter, à long terme, des énergies renouvelables excédentaires vers l’Europe. 

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia powering up

18 Nov 2014
Saudi solar

The first wave of state-backed solar power stations in Saudi were recently unveiled as part of a much larger commitment to diversify the Kingdom’s electricity generation capacity. 

Economic Update | Colombia se acerca lentamente a sus objetivos turísticos

18 Nov 2014
Colombia tourism

La mejora de la seguridad, una economía boyante y las grandes campañas de promoción están impulsando el crecimiento del turismo en Colombia, llevando a la industria por buen camino para alcanzar sus objetivos para el cierre de año de 4 millones de turistas y 4 000 millones de dólares de ganancias.